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Semester 1 Student Reports

2 July 2020 / MBHS

Due to the COVID-19 disruption, the reporting semester has been extended to the end of Term 2. St...

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Dance and Drama Solution fluency Task

2 July 2020 / MBHS

In the last two weeks of Term 2 the Year 10 Dance and Drama classes combined to complete a soluti...

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Critical and Creative Thinking Day 2

2 July 2020

  Day 2 of the Critical and Creative Thinking days for Years 8 and 9 saw the complet...

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Critical and Creative Thinking Day 1

1 July 2020 / MBHS

Day 1 of Our Critical and Creative Thinking Days for middle school was held on Wednesday 1st...

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MBHS Highs - Semester 1

1 July 2020 / MBHS, Inclusive Education Centre

During Semester 1  256 MBHS Highs were earned by 174 students.  The Year 8’s topp...

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Principal's Tour Bookings 2020

1 July 2020 / MBHS

Please see the dates below for resumption of the Principal's Tour in 2020 Available t...

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MBHS COVID-19 Album - Smooth Isolator

30 June 2020 / MBHS

2020 has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons, but here is something you can enjoy f...

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Student Free Day - Staff Professional Development

22 June 2020 / MBHS

On the Student Free Day, Friday 19 June, teachers at MBHS engaged in a full day of professional t...

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SAASTA Power Cup Workshop

16 June 2020 / MBHS

On Tuesday 16 June, Wade Thompson from Port Adelaide, Rigby Barnes and Andrew Smith from&nbs...

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New Tech Studies building begins

15 June 2020 / MBHS

The crane brings in the steel beams and the work begins on the frames of new Tech Studies buildin...

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Digital Wellbeing guide for families

2 June 2020 / MBHS

Google have released a digital wellbing guide for parents and guardians to help them spark produc...

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Celebrating Reconciliation Week

2 June 2020 / MBHS

2020 marks twenty years of the Reconciliation Australia initiative in shaping Australia’s p...

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Student Free Day - 19 June 2020

1 June 2020 / MBHS

On Friday 19 June 2020 Murray Bridge High School will be having a Student Free Day. Staff wi...

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All students to return to face to face lessons

1 June 2020 / MBHS

Please read the attached letter from the Principal asking students to return to face to...

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And the move of the AUSCO buildings begin....

29 May 2020 / MBHS

The move of the 2 AUSCO buildings to their new site began yesterday. The expertise and team work ...

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Policy and Procedures - Open for Public Consultation

28 May 2020 / MBHS

We design policies and procedures at Murray Bridge High School in line with Department for E...

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Adrian Pederick MP visits MBHS building site

27 May 2020 / MBHS

Adrian Pederick MP gets an update on the new build at Murray Bridge High School from Martin Lunn,...

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Sewing is fun....

14 May 2020 / MBHS

Students enjoy learning in their sewing class.

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Murray Bridge High School is up and running...

5 May 2020 / MBHS

Classes are now up and running with students engaging in practical learning. Today we are s...

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Building Works Underway

30 April 2020 / MBHS, Inclusive Education Centre

Demolition is well underway of the old transportable E / S Block rooms in preparation for our new...

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National Youth Science Forum 2021 Year 12 Program

29 April 2020 / MBHS

Are you in Year 11 and love STEM subjects? Then you should consider applying for the Nati...

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Canteen now offers online ordering

27 April 2020 / MBHS, Inclusive Education Centre

From the start of Term 2, students are encouraged to pre-order food and drinks from the Canteen u...

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Attendance Contact Details

24 April 2020 / MBHS, Inclusive Education Centre

If you need to contact the school regarding the attendance of your child, please find our contact...

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Premier's Reading Challenge 2020

6 April 2020 / MBHS, Inclusive Education Centre

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is on again for 2020. Please encourage your child to part...

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Bunyips Out and About

4 March 2020 / MBHS

Members of our student robotics club can be seen out and about in Murray Bridge to acknowledge an...

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SACE Merit Ceremony 2020

24 February 2020 / MBHS

This year congratulations goes to Angello DeIonno for receiving a Merit Award for his Research ...

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Sydney/Canberra Trip 2019

24 February 2020 / MBHS

Throughout Week 9 of Term 4 2019, 40 Year 10/11 students travelled to Canberra and Sydney. Afte...

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Inclusive Education Centre Update

24 February 2020 / Inclusive Education Centre

Students have commenced the term programming JD robots. These robots have been built by the stude...

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Murray Bridge Bunyips' made it to Sydney!

10 February 2020 / MBHS

Our school ro...

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12 December 2019 / MBHS, Independent Learning Centre

On Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 November, Murray Bridge High School SAASTA students travelled to ...

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The Shark Tank Venture Showcase

12 December 2019 / MBHS, Inclusive Education Centre

On Tuesday, 19th of November, our Year 10 Shark Tank students had the opportunity to participate ...

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27 July 2020

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29 July 2020

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