Student Wellbeing

Supporting your child at school

Students who are concerned about their own Wellbeing have access to the online  Student Wellbeing Hub. The hub provides students with links to websites that provide vital information, apps and free counselling services. Teachers encourage students to access and use the hub provided, as a first reference of support. If students require additional support, they can confidentially complete a concerns form. Completing this form will generate a response from a leader in the Wellbeing team. This means students should remain in class, unless they are personally collected.

Students can also be referred to by teachers and parents. If parents have concerns about their child they should call the front office on 8531 9500 and ask to book an appointment with the appropriate leader. Alternatively, you can email them directly, or leave a message and they will return your call as soon as they can.

Our Wellbeing team

Our Student Wellbeing Leaders, Pastoral Care Worker and Wellbeing and Engagement Mentor support students who struggle with anxiety, depression, family conflict, self-harm, suicidal ideation, emotional regulation, anger management, and other mental health concerns. We listen to your child’s needs, communicate with you, and access a range of different External Support Services (listed below) to support your child. We manage and support children in care.

Student Pathways Leaders assist your children in making positive choices and navigating their way through their schooling life. This includes pathways and subject choices, and establishing positive mindsets and building capabilities for their future. They also support students with behaviour management, and bullying/harassment concerns.

All teachers at MBHS provide your child with a safe and positive learning environment by looking out for their needs and being available to chat with them, about their general wellbeing. Professional boundaries are clear and further concerns are passed onto the Wellbeing team.

School initiatives to support wellbeing at school

Whole School Rewards Program - MBHS Highs. Teachers recognise students who support others in the community by giving them a MBHS High. At the end of each term students who earn a MBHS High earn a reward to say thank you for making a positive contribution to the community. This includes providing a morning tea or lunch during the last week of the term. 

Targeted Programs
School invests in programs such as:

  • Youth Opportunities, (Yr. 10)
  • Operation Flinders
  • Seasons for Growth
  • Focus Days - Harmony Day
  • Bullying No Way!
  • R U OKAY Day
  • Girls Group/ Boys Group (Yr. 9)
  • LDAT Drug Action Team
  • Domestic Violence walk


Waye Leah.jpg
Leah Waye

Student Wellbeing Leader

p +61 8 8531 9500

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Louis DeMichele

Student Wellbeing Leader