23 September 2021

Year 8/9 Netball Mellen Cup


Thursday of week 9 our Year 8 and 9 netballers battled it out to compete for the Mellen Cup against Unity College. 

The Year 8 Girls started strong with Shaylee Martin (GS) and Leah Anderson (GA) in goals, both shooting with impressive accuracy and Hayley Kimber (WA) and Gemma Cocks (C) always ready to support the girls on the circle edge when needed. However, it was the strength in defence that really showed our potential, Monikue Harvey (GD) and Tanaisha Oliver (GK) were a combination like no-other, pulling in multiple rebounds and intercepts each quarter. With Ella McKenzie-Campbell (WD), Jayla Leckie and Sarah Clark (WD) driving the ball out of defence to the goalies, the play looked smooth. Our team helpers Autumn Stapleton, Jacinta Clarke and Rubie Lienert helped the team get organised and volunteered to score the game.

On the Year 9 side our Mypolonga representatives Ava Linder (GA), Georgia Martin (GK) and Makayla Stimpson (GD) demonstrated their grand final winning flow and drive across the court, supported by Jorja Jones (C), Bella Freaney (WA), Jade Burgess (WA), and Alivia Carter (WD) through the mid court. Teegan Ackland's height in GS aided us in rebounds, as did Emily Bell's fierce defence in GK. 

Both teams put up a tough fight, but unfortunately Unity took the victories in the end. 

A big thank you to our student umpires Nikkita Flett and Mia Parker for helping out on the day.