6 April 2020

Premier's Reading Challenge 2020

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is on again for 2020. Please encourage your child to participate.  
In 2019 more than 113,000 students participated. The benefits of reading for pleasure: 
  • Reading for enjoyment not only boosts educational outcomes for children, but also enhances their emotional understanding. (SMH 2015)
  • Research shows that reading for pleasure promotes imagination, creativity, relaxation, improved self-esteem, intellectual pleasure, enhanced general knowledge, emotional intelligence and mental health benefits.
  • Reading for pleasure enhances social interaction and personal relationships; it improves a sense of connectedness with the wider community and helps develop empathy, tolerance and understanding of other cultures.
  • Teens who regularly read books for fun outperformed the non-readers in vocabulary, spelling and mathematics.
The challenge takes place between 28th Jan and 4th Sep 2020. 
To take part students from Years 8 and 9 read four books from the PRC reading list and eight that they choose themselves. Year 10s and older choose their own books.  
They can count; e-books, audio books, class reading, fiction and non-fiction, research for assignments, and books in Languages Other Than English. 
Parents and teachers initial the reading record to verify that participants read the book. 
When completed students hand in the reading record to the MBHS librarian.  
Awards are issued in mid-November.