1 April 2021

Online link up with students from Japan

DSC_4508 (Large).JPG

On Friday 26 March, 10 of our students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate in an online linkup with students from Funabashi High School in Japan. The aim of the linkup was to give the Japanese students the opportunity to interact with English speaking students, to form friendships and to share a little of their culture with our students.

Our students were divided into 5 groups - each interacting with either 2 or 3 Japanese students. The Japanese students each did a presentation to their group on topics such as: food, culture, national holidays and seasons. Our students listened to these presentations then were given the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters. After that there was a general chat time allowing the Japanese students to practice their English skills. 

The students, both Australian and Japanese enjoyed this interaction and were quite disappointed when it was time to finish. Some of our students hope to go to Japan next year and, given they have built these friendships, it would be a wonderful opportunity if they actually met the students in person.

At this stage it is unlikely that we will have a visit from students of Funabashi High School this year but hopefully we will be able to resume our long lasting friendship program in 2022.