Entrepreneurial Specialist School

Murray Bridge High School is one of five Entrepreneurial Specialist Schools in South Australia. In 2022, we have an increasing number of Entrepreneurial Specialist Subjects available in Years 7 to 12. In these subjects, students will engage in immersive learning experiences, using Design Thinking and Solution Fluency processes to solve their identified community and/or global problems. Students will have the opportunity to further develop their understanding of business, the economy and financial literacy through SACE subjects including Business Innovation and Entrepreneurial Maths.

Current Entrepreneurial Specialist Subjects include:
Year 7 - Global Connections
Year 8 – Global Perspectives
Year 9 – Global Citizens, Robotics, Young Designers, ETSYpreneur
Year 10 – Product Innovation, It's Your Business, Disruptive Technologies
Year 11 – Business Innovation (Stage 1), General Mathematics (Entrepreneurial Focus), Digital Innovation, Economics (Stage 1), Entrepreneurial E-Sports (Stage 1)
Year 12 – Business Innovation (Stage 2), General Mathematics, Economics (Stage 2), Entrepreneurial E-Sports (Stage 2)

We see the increasing importance and need for our young people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to become resilient and adaptable lifelong learners. To achieve this, teachers across all Learning Areas are developing teaching and learning programs that provide students with opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial capabilities, with a focus on Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social Capabilities.

Students will have the opportunity to contribute to improving the student learning experience at Murray Bridge High School and giving back to our local community through specialised programs including Student Voice and Interact. If your child is interested in pursuing any of these opportunities, please encourage them to speak with their Home Class teacher.

As part of our Professional Development Programs, our staff engaged in an Entrepreneurial Student Free Day (Week 3, Term 1) held at Lot Fourteen in the Adelaide CBD and the New Venture Institute – Tonsley. The aim of the day was to build our whole school understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial, to learn about some existing entrepreneur's journeys and discover the amazing opportunities there are, for the young people we teach, here in South Australia. Guest speakers included Dr Andrew Dunbar - COO, Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur, Roland Peddie - CTO and Co-Founder, Makers Empire and Amy Orange - Co-Founder, Collab4Good. Staff were able to see the scale of the new development and learnt about the support being offered for South Australians wanting to pursue careers in Defence, Space, new technologies and entrepreneurship.

Through all subjects, there are opportunities for community and industry mentors to engage with and support students in their learning and career pathways. Businesses we have engaged with through our Entrepreneurial Learning Programs include: Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd, Murray Computers, Commshake Media + Engagement and Regional Development Australia. If you are interested in partnering with Murray Bridge High School in our Entrepreneurial Vision, or would like to be informed of any upcoming Entrepreneurial Learning opportunities, please contact the school.