Principal's Welcome

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I warmly welcome all students and their families to Murray Bridge High School. We strive to provide a world class
education designed to build a strong future for the young people of the Murraylands.

As a large school we offer a diverse curriculum to support all students to reach their academic potential and
develop a strong future pathway, and have a team of dedicated, highly-skilled and professional staff who ensure
that all students are given every opportunity to excel in both their academic studies and co-curricular activities. As a
music focus school we provide opportunities for students to showcase their learning in a variety of public forums.
We challenge our students to step outside of their comfort zone and try new experiences, supported by the
development of skills and dispositions to become lifelong learners who proudly and confidently take their place
whether on a pathway to trade, university or a job.

We are an inclusive school and recognize that when we work together as a team with students and families,
wellbeing is supported also. The Inclusive Education Centre (IEC) and Equal Learning Opportunities (ELO) support
students with disabilities and learning difficulties to access targeted support. Close connections with our
partnership primary schools ensure we are able to identify where individual student’s learning is at, and develop
the next relevant growth point. Our whole school focus on literacy and numeracy development ensures that every
student demonstrates growth regardless of the starting point. The role of parents in partnering with us to ensure
continual growth is paramount, and strong relationships with the Personal Development teacher and Pathway
Leaders ensures we all have the best interests of your child at heart.

In 2022, Murray Bridge High School becomes a Year 7- 12 High School. In preparation for this exciting event, and
also catering for increased numbers of students in our school, we are dividing the school into neighbourhood
groups. Students will stay in their neighbourhood throughout their schooling. Each neighbourhood aligns to a
colour for sports, inter-class events and academic challenges.

We are proud to acknowledge four animal totems that have significance to Ngarrindjeri people, which have been
carefully chosen by our students to represent the neighbourhoods.

Kungari – the Black Swan (Blue) No:ri – Pelican (Green)
Pondi – Murray Cod (Yellow) Wirakuthi – Frill Neck Lizard (Red)

We have developed creative and flexible learning spaces and facilities, with a recent purpose built, state of the art,
Middle School, Inclusive Education, Technology Studies, Entrepreneurial Education and STEM learning areas. The
four neighbourhoods provide supportive learning environments for every student with a teaching team that knows
each student really well and provides opportunities for the groups to develop a sense of belonging and identity,
and a bit of friendly rivalry as well!

We are an innovative school that values the development of student’s capabilities such as critical and creative
thinking, social and personal development, collaboration, ethical understanding and communication as part of
everyday learning. As an Entrepreneurial Specialist School, problem solving and innovation go hand in hand.
Students are challenged to look at future needs in the Murraylands, South Australia and globally, and develop
social and financial plans and solutions as well as close connections to business and industry.

Equity of access to ICT has underpinned our decision to provide a device for every learner in the school. Teachers
and students use Google classroom and the Google suite to enhance learning design, collaboration and online
resources to support continuity of learning generally, or at home in the event of a lockdown such as our
experiences with Covid-19.

Our school is on a continuous improvement cycle based on our values of Excellence, Respect and Working
Together. We are proud of our achievements so far, and know that we can always be better. Your feedback and
suggestions are valued and will be listened to.

Ruth Mussger

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Ruth Mussger