28 June 2021

Critical Creative Thinking days - creating a sustainable future

recycle bins.png

Everyone in the world is different, but there is one thing we all share - and that’s the world!
We rely on the earth to survive, sometimes in ways you may never have considered. As a result, we have a responsibility, not only for ourselves, but for all humankind to ensure that we look after the earth by creating a sustainable future.

This year’s Critical Creative Thinking (CCT) days were garbage! Or perhaps more to the point, they challenged our thinking around the question ‘How we as a community can reduce our impact on the environment’. This question was explored through four different perspectives: Waste management; Food waste and consumption; Fast fashion and finally; Sustainable households. 

The theme was the brainchild of Year 11 student Steph Lokan, the founding leader of our Climate Clever group. Steph wondered if there was a better way to manage our waste at school and investigated options for positive change. Once she determined what our current usage looked like, she put forward a proposal to create sustainable systems based on greater sorting and appropriate disposal. The clear message was to think carefully before disposing of waste and make landfill the smallest it can possibly be. Students in Years 8 and 9 will spend term three  designing, developing and delivering their unique solutions to our CCT question.  The best solutions will be shared with Year 6 and 7 students on transition days in term 4.

Invited guest presenters included Carole-Lee Gordon from Bin Shift, Scott Rogasch from Forage Supply Co. and Stephen Packer, Senior Environment Officer for RCMB. Stephen brought over a 100 kitchen waste compost bins with him and our interested students collected them to take home to their families. We thank RCMB for this, as we can all play our part in collecting food scraps and compost, rather than the covered landfill situation where they decompose and create methane gas contributing further to global warming. I can’t wait to see what other great ideas our students come up with to reduce our impact. 

We acknowledge the work of Luke Starczak, Kirrily Martin, Scott Rowland, Jason Hagger, Natasha Lancaster, Jared Daly, Zoe Greer and Shana Weston in collaborating to develop the two day program, needing to adapt last minute from a live presentation ro live streaming in classrooms, when the power to the gym was cut off because of a power outage.