11 December 2020

Congratulations Joshua... The Greatest Gained

Josh Thorpe2.jpg

Congratulations to Joshua Thorpe who has been awarded the Greatest Gained Award from SAASTA.

Each year SAASTA students complete in class tasks that accumulate toward the Power Cup and SAASTA Shield events. At the conclusion of the SAASTA Shield, there is an awards ceremony that acknowledges four major awards throughout the entire SAASTA program across all schools that participate in SAASTA throughout South Australia.

This year we were unable to participate in the SAASTA Shield and therefore there was no SAASTA Awards Ceremony. However, SAASTA still presented their inaugural awards over a video presentation. The Greatest Gained Award is presented to a student who has achieved success through the SAASTA Program, to which they wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the opportunities SAASTA has provided.

Due to COVID, Murray Bridge High School ASETOs, Aunty Cheryl Love and Greg Carter were able to present Josh with his award. Congratulations Josh!