Pastoral Care Worker

Our Pastoral Care Worker supports the school in the following ways:

  • Working closely and in partnership with leadership and wellbeing staff in the school to provide pastoral care and practical support to students, families and staff as requested.
  • Providing pastoral care in a ‘first response’ capacity to critical incidents, referring to specialist support and to provide ongoing support and follow-up.
  • Working across the whole school to build a sense of community, harmony and cohesion.
  • Being trained and equipped to provide our school with a unique dimension of social, emotional and spiritual support in line with the Department for Education wellbeing framework.

Pastoral Care Workers promote student wellbeing, engaging young people in activities that are preventative and which support early intervention and referral of mental health issues.

Access to the Pastoral Care Worker by students is voluntary and parents must give written permission for the Pastoral Care Worker to provide ongoing personal support.

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Teagan Baldwin

Pastoral Care Worker