Uniform Policy

Murray Bridge High School has our own Uniform that all students are to wear each day, in line with our Uniform Policy.

Students wear school uniform at MBHS for a range of reasons, including working together to take pride as a member of the MBHS student community, for your child's safety as students are easily recognisable on school grounds and given this is a workplace.

The following items are non-negotiable items for our uniform, as approved by our Governing Council:

  • School jacket or jumper – no hoodies
  • Black or blue pants or shorts (appropriate length) - no rips, no blue jeans, no light coloured pants
  • School t-shirts, plus a dark coloured long sleeve undershirt if needed - no hood
  • Closed shoes

We are planning to have an MBHS Puffer Jacket added to school uniform by winter. 

All items in our uniform are available for purchase through our on-site Uniform Shop, operated by our uniform provider, Devon Clothing.