MBHS New Branding

New contemporary rebrand inspired by our region and our people

After more than nine months of intensive community consultation and design, the Murray Bridge High School is proud to reveal its new contemporary visual branding elements - including a new logo, motto and graphic element

The modern visual brand will take the school into the new decade, and has been designed to not only complement its exceptional growth in educational offerings and innovative learning opportunities, but also to reflect its strong connection with the local region, culture and people. Its timing also conincides with Year 7 students taking up their place in the high school in 2022 for the first time.


Logo StackedGraphic Element

Who was consulted about the new design?

Hundreds of people - including students, staff, families, Governing Council, alumni, Ngarrindjeri leaders, Murraylands residents, future students, future parents of students, community and regional leaders - provided input throughout the intensive, nine-month consultation process to develop the new branding design, motto and complementary graphic element.

Consultation included workshops with current and future students, staff, Ngarrindjeri people and Governing Council; plus face-to-face meetings with community leaders, multiple online surveys and more.

The Department for Education and Minister for Education have also been provided with rebrand rationale and approved the consultation process and final concept design.

Feedback consistently indicated that students, staff and families wanted a brand that reflected their personal pride in the school, and their aspirations for the future. There was strong support for a visual brand that reflected the region's Murray River connection, its diversity and rich cultural heritage, especially its Ngarrindjeri connection and to incorporate a modern/contemporary feel.

Swan Shadowed

Graphic Element

Why was this logo design chosen?

The new logo was created to have a modern edge, but also reflect two of our region's key icons - being the Murray River and Ngarrindjeri swan. The large 'M' and 'B' initials reflect the rural city's name, but have the added feature of a blue or coloured line through it representing the Murray River, and the head and neck of a swan.

Both the river and the swan were identified as iconic images for Murray Bridge. The swan in the logo is captured in flight, representing students' aspirations to 'rise up' or 'move forward' in their personal development and growth.

The school's primary branding colours will remain blue, red and yellow - which was the preference for the vast majority of our students. The logo will most often appear in blue as a single colour, while other elements of the school's visual branding (ie. uniforms, signage, website) will include red, yellow and white elements as well, where appropriate and design allows.

Find out more about the specific design features of the new logo by watching our short video here.

Why was the new motto chosen?

The school's new chosen motto is The Future is Ours, which will be used alongside the Ngarrindjeri translation - Palai Namawi.

Extensive consultation with students and the wider Murray Bridge community showed strong support for a new brand that was contemporary and future focussed. Student leaders also wanted a brand and motto that reflected the sense of pride they held in being MBHS students and the aspirations they have for their future careers.

Retaining a Ngarrindjeri language translation was a high priority for students and staff, as well as the Murray Bridge community. Use of the Ngarrindjeri translation on uniforms, signage and in other public spaces will continue to celebrate our region's rich Indigenous culture and provide a sense of welcome and belonging for our Aboriginal students and their families.

When will I see the new logo and motto in use?

The new branding will be gradually rolled out across MBHS's digital platforms in 2021. It will also feature on new building signage being constructed in 2021/22. School uniforms featuring the new branding are currently being designed and will be available to students and staff ahead of the 2022 school year.

Logo Inline

Do I need to buy a new uniform?

No. We will slowly transition any uniform branding over for students over 2-3 years. No student will be forced to buy a new uniform - and those who own the current uniform may remain with this for as long as they require.