Student Voice

Student Voice at Murray Bridge High School allows students to actively shape their futures and the future of our school. Students will work collaboratively to identify and act upon a school or community issue. Student Voice representatives will then be given the opportunity to present their findings to students, school staff, leadership, Governing Council and community members.

Through participating in Student Voice, you will be actively involved in:

  • Developing personal and community leadership skills
  • Making serious and important decisions
  • Broadening your knowledge and awareness of local and global issues
  • Taking action to improve the school’s culture and climate

All Student Voice representatives must embody the school values:

  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Working Together

A high level of commitment and attendance at meetings is expected.

MBHS Prefects 2022

Bakan, Gamze.jpg
Gamze Bakan


Cormack, Max.jpg
Max Cormack


Karras, Sakinah.jpg
Sakinah Karras


Schubert, Caitlin.jpg
Caitlin Schubert