Please find below the necessary paperwork to be completed for students who are eligible and wish to travel to and from school on the contracted bus services.

Criteria to be eligible to travel on a school bus: (Eligible Traveller)

  • You must reside more than 5 km from the nearest government school otherwise known as your school of right, and transport is provided to and from that school only.
  • Travel will only be available to the school of right, and any further travel and expense, to their chosen school will have to be arranged by you.
  • For students who attend a government school, other than their school of right, parents will need to complete the By-pass application form and have it signed by the principal of their enrolled school, and by the principal of the school they are bypassing.
  • Students who attend Unity Secondary College, and are eligible to travel, are automatically approved.

Bus Approval to travel for Murray Bridge Schools
Travel Routes & Timetables
Bus Behaviour & Conduct

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