2 September 2020

Roper Road comes alive with it's very own Show Day..

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Due to the recent events of COVID 19 shutting down the Adelaide Royal Show, the Ag teachers decided to run their own version of the Royal show here at school. Our Ag students have been working hard over the last two terms to prepare and train the animals for Show Day and we didn't want that to go to waste.
On Tuesday 1st September at Roper Road Farm we were joined by 4 honourable livestock judges to judge our student’s handling skills in Goat, Sheep and Heifer classes.
The day ran smoothly with a number of students walking away with big achievements in a very competitive field in the show ring, some even winning multiple rosettes for the day.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped organised and put this show together, students from Years 8-12 have been down every week feeding, cleaning and making sure our livestock are cared for in the best way possible.

Thank you to our farm hand Paul and ground staff that have kept the farm looking its best and setting up. Also to Roz Schulz from the front office who spent several hours crafting the beautiful handmade rosettes that students proudly wore all day after winning.
The team of Ag teachers hope that everyone had a brilliant day and are keeping our fingers crossed Adelaide Royal Show will be back on next year!

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors for supporting MBHS. The Afford family, Woods Point who donated the heifers. Boer Goats courtesy of Yundi Boer from the Kew family. Merino Wether sheep donated by the Koehler family at Radnor Stud.

We also thank the judges for the day:
Heifer Heats – David Pegler
Heifer Championship – Courtney Afford
All goat classes – Bryce Gillett
All sheep classes – Steve Koehler


Goats Heat 1
Melodee Barton-Ancliffe – 1st
Stephanie Lokan – 2nd
Rebecca Williss – 3rd

Goats Heat 2
Scarlett Cocks 195 (Gigi) - !st
Akaila Baltussen – 2nd
Caitlin Hissey 198 (Archie) – 3rd

Overall Goat Handler Champion
Melodee Barton-Ancliffe

Heifers Heat 1
Nickisha Crouch – 1st
Stephanie Lokan – 2nd
Noah Attrill – 3rd

Heifers Heat 2
Mia Parker – 1st
Nickisha Crouch – 2nd
Zamirah Williams – 3rd

Heifers Heat 3
Alex Clothier – 1st
Megan von Rochow – 2nd
Stephanie Lokan – 3rd

Overall Heifer Handler Champion
Nickisha Crouch

Sheep Handlers
Nataleah Staker – 1st
Mitchell Constant – 2nd
Coen Martin – 3rd
Rebecca Williss – 4th

Overall Sheep Champion
Nataleah Staker

Junior Judging
Nataleah Staker – 1st
Mitchel Constant – 2nd
Rebecca Williss – 3rd

Sheep Helper Award
Shakaya Holland – Champion
Sherice Rumble -1st
Logan Schubert -2nd
Larissa Pike – 3rd