25 May 2023

Aboriginal Power Cup

Aboriginal Power Cup.png

In Week 3, the senior SAASTA students spent three nights in Adelaide attending the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup. Students were invited according to the SAASTA key performance indicators which include academic performance, attendance and school behaviour. 

Day one was based at Flinders University where students engaged with different employment companies, such as Flinders University, SAAB, SANTOS, Outside ideas and Ventia just to name a few. They were provided with information on future opportunities and steps to take to enter these industries. Students were also treated to a lesson from Uncle Mickey O’Brien who taught about the significance of culture. To finish the day, students split into different groups where Stage 2 students participated in a workshop relating to their curriculum and Stage 1 students participated in Leadership and relationship workshops run by Port Adelaide players and staff. 

On Thursday and Friday, students participated in the Power Cup carnival. Both the girls and boys teams competed in multiple 9-a-side football games as well as engaging in a cultural dance tutorial and a health expo that allowed students to engage with different pathway opportunities when they finish school. 

At the completion of the carnival, all students traveled to Adelaide Oval in preparation for the Aboriginal Power Cup Awards Ceremony. Students were addressed by David Kosch and treated as the VIPs of the Ceremony, in recognition of their work in the classroom. 

The Friday festivities concluded with all SAASTA Students from across 60+ schools coming together to perform a cultural dance on Adelaide Oval before the Port Adelaide vs Melbourne game. Students connected to land and culture as they proudly displayed their sense of belonging through dance and song in a memorable performance. All students were then treated to watch the game for the remainder of the night, an exciting match that saw all students get involved, cheering on Port Adelaide to victory. 

A big thank you to all of the MBHS staff, students, SAASTA and Port Adelaide for all their contributions for an excellent experience.