Vocational Pathways

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a vital part of our diverse curriculum program at MBHS. Students are offered the opportunity to achieve SACE results while gaining industry accreditation for the same work. VET is a way for the students to experience the world of work in a range of occupations whilst still at school. This could take the form of ‘Off the Job Learning’ – which might happen at school or with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or ‘On the Job Learning’ – which might happen at one or more work places.

Many of the pathways we offer are provided through our on-site Trade Training Centre regional facility located on MBHS Campus.

Students are able to experience a range of pathways including:

  • Certificate II in Construction
  • Certificate II in Automotive
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
  • Certificate II in Salon Assist
  • Certificate II in Engineering (Metal Fabrication)
  • Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure (Civil Construction and Introduction to Mining)
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology
  • Certificate II in Agriculture
  • Certificate III in Agriculture
  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Aged Care)
  • Certificate III in Allied Health Assistant (Pathway to Nursing)
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate III in Screen and Media
  • Certificate III in Information Technology (Gaming and Programming)

Students are trained in skills, which will improve their chances of being employed. Many of these skills are useful in a range of careers beyond the course in which they enrol. They leave school with qualifications recognised by both the education system and industry. Students can also gain credit towards Apprenticeships and Traineeships – both school based and part time. Students gain credit towards their SACE and the qualification will be recognised by industry and RTO’s throughout Australia.

VET courses can lead to further study at TAFE, University (including adding to an ATAR score) and/or directly into employment.

Further information on the courses offered can be found at: Murray Mallee Student Pathways.

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Melanie Bennett

VET Leader