25 September 2020

Year 10 Drama Performance "Lockie Leonard"

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On 24th of September the Year 10 Drama class presented their production of “Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo” to the public. The students were so pleased to be able to be part of a public performance after such a long lockdown with COVID (although specific restrictions were still applied) and the public appeared to be very entertained. All in all it was a terrific event!

‘Lockie Leonard’ is a fun loving and heart-warming play. As a novel, it is a classic of Australian children’s/teen’s literature and has been converted into both a play and a TV series. It captures the awkwardness of entering into the teenage world and dealing with all the issues of puberty, entering high school, falling in love, encountering bullies and family relationships. We set it during the late 1980’s. The students have had fun embracing this era: fashion, music, hairstyles and all!

The cast and crew are as follows:
Lockie Leonard - Thomas Tidy
Lockie’s thoughts - Daytona Luke
Lockie’s Mum - Abbey Beresford
Sarge (Lockie’s Dad) - Estelle McPhee
Philip (Lockie’s brother) - Sachin Bartholomeusz
Vicki Streeton - Pearl-Lana Woolger
Wayne Streeton (Vicki’s Dad) - Lauren Taylor
Mrs Streeton (Vicki’s Mum) - Kaitlyn Gibbons
‘Squasher’, Maths Teacher - Violet Shepherd
‘Borax’, Tech Studies Teacher - Riley Harris
Mrs Twaddle, English Teacher - Isla Flanagan
Jane East (Student Guidance Counsellor) - Tayla-Jade Edwards
Bogan 1 - Riley Harris
Bogan 2 - Nickisha Crouch
Student Chorus - Rebecca Willis, Chloe Llewellyn, Zoe Ditkun
Extras (students, picnic goers, townsfolk, secretary) - Riley Harris, Nickisha Crouch,  Isla Flanagan
Costume design - Melodee Barton Ancliff
Hair + Make-up design - Bella Jenkins (Smith),  Emma-Lee Ryman
Sound + Lighting design - Luke Bridgart,  Daniel Nedelkov,  Lachlan Watkins
Multimedia design - Emily Drendel
Set Design - Emily Drendel,  Violet Shepherd,  Rebecca Willis, Chloe Llewellyn,  Zoe Ditkun, Hannah Cutrale
Publicity - Daniel Nedelkov
Front of House - Rebecca Willis, Chloe Llewellyn,  Zoe Ditkun
Stage Manager +Assistant Director - Kaitlyn Gibbons