Vision and Branding Consultation

Have your say: new logo, motto concepts for consultation

After extensive consultation with our diverse school community, we’ve created three new logo concepts and mottos to present as options for our new rebrand. 
This is an exciting step for our school and we encourage all of our students, teachers, parents, Ngarrindjeri members and wider school community to have their say on which options they feel best represent our school.
Our aim is that our new visual brand and motto will reflect our rich history and cultural background – while also capturing our school’s future aspiration to be widely recognised as an entrepreneurial, skills-focused, job-ready, progressive, inclusive and specialist high school.
The logo and motto options – and the rationale behind the designs – have been included in our consultation guide, which you can read here.
If you’d like to know more about the rebranding project, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the school by phoning (08) 8531 9500 or email

In 2021, the Murray Bridge High School will be launching a contemporary new visual brand. 

In doing so, our ultimate goal is for the new look and feel to  reflect our rich history and cultural background, while also incorporating a more aspirational message about our future as an entrepreneurial, skills-focused, job-ready, progressive, inclusive and specialist secondary school.

It's an exciting time for our school, and for all of the people involved.

We don’t want to create the new brand in isolation though, and are asking for feedback from our key stakeholders to help us along this journey.

Between August to December 2020, the school – and our brand consulting partner Commshake Media + Engagement – will be touching base with our key stakeholder groups to gain an insight into what they believe are the key themes and assets which need to be incorporated into our new brand. So whether you’re a student, staff member, parent, caregiver, Ngarrindjeri leader, business owner, local Elected Member or community member – we’re interested in your feedback.

Read the FAQ’s below for more details on the re-brand project.

It’s an exciting time for the Murray Bridge High School, and we can’t wait to bring you along for the ride.

A: No. The brand will launch in the 2021 school year, and those who are new to the school, or need a new uniform anyway can certainly buy the newly-branded sets as they become available. However, we will slowly transition any uniform branding over for students over 2-3 years. No student will be forced to buy a new uniform – and those who own the current uniform may remain with this for as long as they require.

A: Yes. Our consultants will meet with the school’s Aboriginal leaders (Aunty Cheryl Love and Greg Carter) and will work with them to specifically engage local Ngarrindjeri leaders and Aboriginal students and their families.

A: No. The survey can be anonymous (people can choose to write their names, or leave out). There are few vital pieces of information we need from survey participants, such as age, interests, cultural heritage and postcode – but the remainder is non-specific.

A: A number of visual and communication assets. A new logo and graphic elements will form part of the rebrand that will soon be used for signage and all elements of branding for the school. We will also have a new motto developed, with a Ngarrindjeri translation as well.

A: Anyone who wants more details on the project can talk to our Principal Ruth Mussger by phoning (08) 8531 9500 or email