27 August 2021

MBHS is off to the National Stage again!

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META High School Esports

This year 3 teams from MBHS competed in the META League of Legends interschool tournament. One Division 1 team and two Division 2 Teams made up the squad in our first foray into this new and exciting worldwide competition. After a wobbly start as they found their feet each of the teams had significant success.

As a school community we congratulate the MBHS Bunyips, the Division 1 League of Legends team for Winning the SA / NT regional finals and we wish you clear focus and good decision making in the Nationals starting this weekend on the 28th 11:30 am. Join live to watch via twitch. The link will be posted on the school facebook page.

The Regional finals games can be seen on https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1123796450?filter=all&sort=time

The team consists of :

Joel Weincke (Capt.) aka TrickStarJ

Mitchell Williams aka MBHSApex

Henry Chewings aka Quattro426

Sam Groocock aka CHEESE4949

Ned King aka Jackaboy14 

Henry Hawcroft aka Krozok, filled in during the season

Ross Groocock Coordinator

League of legends is a 5v5 capture the flag style team invasion game. It is one the international esports that is doing very well recently. As a parent and teacher, I have noticed a very strong correlation between the best LOL players and best academic students. I believe this is because the mental skills of impulse control, mental agility, working memory and knowledge retention along with the general capabilities of perseverance, teamwork, emotional regulation and critical analysis are important factors in the success of both enterprises.

The school is exploring using esports as a creditable subject with David Berresford teaching an elective subject this year focussing on job skills surrounding this burgeoning industry.