7 December 2023

2023 MBHS Japan Trip

Japan 8.jpg

We are thrilled to share the exciting adventures and valuable experiences of the recent school trip to Japan! Ten enthusiastic students — Aleisha, Holly, Asha, Abby, Jett, Kiahna, Nicholas, Shaniah, Summer, and Tayla along with Mr Wandel, Mrs Peake and myself  — embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey filled with cultural immersion, educational insights, and unforgettable memories.
The journey commenced with a visit to Funabashi High School, where our students had the unique opportunity to stay with host families and attend classes alongside their Japanese counterparts. Each student was paired with a class buddy, providing a firsthand look into the daily life of Japanese students and fostering meaningful connections. This cultural exchange allowed our students to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese traditions, school systems, and daily routines.
One of the highlights of the visit to Funabashi High School was undoubtedly the day spent at Disneyland, where our students, along with their host buddies and teachers, reveled in the magic of this world-renowned theme park. Laughter, excitement, and shared experiences created bonds that transcended borders and language barriers.
Our journey continued with a swift ride on a bullet train to Osaka, which served as our base for the remainder of the trip. In Osaka, our students explored the wonders of Universal Studios, navigating through the park's attractions and enjoying the exhilarating rides that left everyone with smiles and stories to share.
A trip to Kyoto enriched our students' understanding of Japan's cultural heritage, as they visited ancient shrines and absorbed the serene beauty of this historic city. From traditional rituals to modern expressions, our students embraced the diversity of Japan's cultural tapestry.
The educational aspect of the trip reached a poignant moment in Hiroshima, where our students delved into the rich and somber history of the city. Learning about the tragic events that unfolded there served as a powerful reminder of the importance of peace, understanding, and global unity.
As our students return with hearts full of newfound knowledge and cherished memories, we extend our deepest gratitude to Helen Peake, the dedicated teacher who tirelessly organised this amazing journey. Helen's commitment and countless hours of hard work made this trip possible, allowing our students to embark on this life-changing adventure.
We also extend heartfelt thanks to Funabashi High School for hosting us and welcoming us with warm arms. The hospitality and kindness shown to our students created an atmosphere of friendship and cultural exchange that will be remembered for years to come.