24 June 2021

Year 12 Drama Production 'Midnight'

DSC_4913 (Medium).JPG

The play for the 2021 Year 12 Drama Production was a unique choice. Written by Russell T.Davies in 2008, ‘Midnight’ was originally an episode of the famous ‘Doctor Who’ series.

Midnight is a toxic planet in the 24th Century upon which a state-of-the-art luxurious hotel, The Leisure Palace has been established. The action takes place upon one of the tourist space buses en route to the key tourist attraction: the Crystal Waterfall. The play begins in a light-hearted manner. All is going to plan….until……!

The set for this production was also highly unique. It took 2 complete days to transform the drama Workshop into a futuristic space bus, the Crusader 50, upon which the members of the audience board as passengers and go along for the ride!

When our Company selected this play, we discussed the themes and what we wanted the audience to ‘walk away with’ from our performance. The answer was a question: How do human beings respond when placed under pressure in an unknown scenario….and, more importantly: How would I respond?

Performed over three nights, ‘Midnight’ was a great success with many audience members commenting on how completely they were immersed in the tension. Special thanks go to the Maintenance and IT staff for their ‘above and beyond’ support. The Year 12’s surpassed themselves and deserve to be congratulated.

The cast and crew were as follows:

Hostess - Charlotte Bormann
Driver Jo - Haylee Luck
Mechanic (Claudette) - Freya-mai Hegan-Grant
Doctor - Mercedes Macerola
Sky Sylvestry - Gabrielle Tobin
Professor Hobbes - Taj Kelsen
Dee Dee Blasco - Emily Allen
Val Cane  - Alexus Martin
Biff Cane - Harrison Nigro
Jethro Cane - Megan Grove
Costume + Makeup design - Tam Nguyen
Sound + Lighting design - Dalziel Callaghan
Multimedia design - Eleanor Gonzales
Posters + Program design - Eleanor Gonzales
Original ‘Midnight’ theme composed by Thomas Clifford (Year 10 Music)

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Well done to everyone involved!