Positive Culture for Learning

Murray Bridge High School provides a safe and supportive learning environment and upholds our school values of Excellence, Respect and Working Together in all that we do. We achieve this through our:

School Responsibilities

Modelling, educating and upholding our School Responsibilities to maintain a positive school culture and manage behaviour. 

Making Positive Choices

Encouraging students to make positive choices using the My Choices Determine My Success Process and having Choices Conversations with students 

School Follow Up

Supporting students who are unable to make positive choices in our school community. This includes issuing a consequence such as Learning Catch-ups at lunchtime or afterschool, sending a student to a Buddy Class, or Take Home, Suspension or Exclusion if behaviour is ongoing or critical.

Wellbeing Support

Provide support for students who are struggling by offering an online Student Wellbeing Hub that provides your child with accurate information and a referral process should they wish to speak face to face with a person in wellbeing. Referrals to external agencies are made when appropriate (see list on website)

Rewarding and Celebrating Student Success

Acknowledge and celebrate students who uphold the school responsibilities and promote positive behaviour through the MBHS Highs Rewards Program. The School holds Success Assemblies and Days and runs a Middle School Neighbourhood Cup to promote student engagement.

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

The school provides Alternative Learning Days, Groups Presentations and offers In-School Activities to provide students with an opportunity to engage in their school community as an organiser or participant. 

School Policies

Enforcing our Bullying and Harassment, Positive Behaviour, Uniform, Mobile Phone and Attendance Policies