9 November 2021

2021 Bridge Walk

Bridge walk.png

In the lead up to Remembrance Day the Year 9 students were invited to walk the bridge and up to the RSL Club.

Why walk the bridge you ask? In World War 2 the two bridges in Murray Bridge were the only bridges spanning the River Murray. Soldiers were responsible for guarding these 2 bridges with orders to blow them up should the enemy approach. Of course it never happened but the threat was always there.

During the crossing the students were accompanied by the school’s marching band making it an enjoyable (and noisy) occasion.

After crossing the bridge the students made their way up to the RSL Club where they were met by President Rodney Harris and guest speakers. The speakers were able to inform the students of their experiences in the armed forces.

We thank the RSL Club for hosting us and for helping our students understand the impact armed conflict has on individuals, the community and the world. We also thank SAPOL for supporting us by closing the bridge to ensure the safety of our students.

On Thursday we will hold our annual Remembrance Day commemoration and at 11.00 am “we will remember them”.