11 December 2020

Film Making Fun

DSC_3921 (Large).JPG

And the winner is...... 'Hemi's Shoes"

On Thursday of Activities Week we held an Arts Day and students had a choice of Arts based activities to participate in including film making. The brief was to create a 1 - 3 minute advert of any description. The day was divided into three basic sections:
Morning - planning, storyboarding, rehearsing
Middle of day - filming/editing
Afternoon - editing
There were 8 groups who participated with 6 delivering a final, completed advert.

At 2:30 the day culminated in the Drama Workshop where a 2020 film premiere occurred complete with judging and an Award for Best Picture 2020.
Special thanks to our Judges: Mr McFarlane - the 'nice' judge, who thought everything was ‘amazing’, Ms Long - the 'mean' judge, who insulted everything and everyone and Mr Hickey who couldn’t decide if he was ‘naughty or nice’. Special thanks also to Mr Watts who was our fabulous ‘tuxedoed-up’ MC and Ms Hahesy who presented the Golden Star award to the winners - 'Hemi's Shoes'.
The day was productive, fun and finished on a high with several students requesting to do it again next year.