15 September 2020

Student Free Day - Aboriginal Learners


On Monday 14th of September, Murray Bridge High School Staff engaged in Professional Development focussed on Aboriginal Learners. The Aboriginal Education Team worked together to create a culture filled learning environment for our staff to continue to build upon their knowledge of Aboriginal people and their history.
The morning started with a full staff Smoking Ceremony lead by Jeff McKeown and Greg Carter. Staff were then welcomed to the day by Aunty Cheryl, making her expectations clear to everyone of the importance of respect for Aboriginal Culture.
Staff were then given the opportunity to watch the documentary "In My Blood It Runs". A documentary about a young Aboriginal boy who is struggling to live between his culture and the education system. An eye-opening film into the challenges this young boy faces as he tries to connect to his culture. After the documentary staff were asked to write down any thoughts, feelings and questions they may have about the documentary and put them up on a board to be followed up by the Aboriginal Team.
After morning tea, catered for by Little Local Co, staff were then encouraged to participate in a yarn. This gave everyone the opportunity to ask any questions and address any misunderstandings about Aboriginal culture and how this effects the students that are taught at Murray Bridge High School.
After lunch, staff were then presented with opportunities to embed Aboriginal culture into their different curriculums. Adrian Perkins and Luke Starczak addressed the staff about the things they have learnt about bringing Ngarrindjeri culture into their curriculum and the importance of consultation with local Aboriginal people throughout this process.
The day concluded with an opportunity for staff to ask further questions of the things they had learnt throughout the day and to start the researching processes to allow for further embedding of culture into their classrooms. Staff also had the opportunity to have a more relaxed conversation with Aunty Cheryl and Greg as a group around the firepit.
We thank the Aboriginal Education Team for all their efforts in making the day possible and to Aunty Cheryl, Greg and Jeff for sharing their stories.