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Year 12 - Stage 2 - Economics

Course Overview

The study of Economics enables students to understand how an economy operates, the structure of economic systems, and the way in which economic systems function. Central to the study of Economics is the economic problem and the related concepts of scarcity, opportunity cost, and interdependence. Economic systems are continually evolving in response to the economic problem to determine what goods and services to produce, how these goods and services are produced, and for whom they are produced.

Students of Economics define, research, analyse, evaluate, and apply economic models that are expressed in graphical and/or diagrammatic form. They make forecasts about economic change and evaluate issues for individuals and groups in local, national, and global settings. They learn how some of these issues affect their lives and how they can use the knowledge and skills of economics to inform their participation in society.


Humanities and Social Sciences



Duration of the Course

Full Year

SACE Credits



2 hour exam

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Paul van Deth

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Year 12 - Stage 2 - Economics