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Year 10 - SAASTA Power Cup

Course Overview

This subject culminates with the Aboriginal Power Cup carnival, a three-day event focusing on cultural activities, career pathways and the much anticipated 9-a-side round-robin football competition. Students who have completed each of the curriculum tasks in the lead up to the event and have attended school more than 80% over the semester are rewarded with this experience by the Steering Committee and sponsors of the event.  
Each student gains points for their respective teams by successfully completing their curriculum tasks; the girls and boys teams with the highest number of points earn the right to play off in the Grand Final prior to a Port Adelaide AFL game at Adelaide Oval.  
Regular school attendance is a key factor in a student’s ability to gain points for their team. 
If eligible, students must attend the Aboriginal Power Cup as well as any other SAASTA events. 
Students must have a pair of formal black pants and shoes. 






Successful entry into the SAASTA program 

Duration of the Course

1 Semester

SACE Credits


Possible Pathways

Stage 2 SAASTA Health & Wellbeing

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Lyndsee Frost

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Year 10 - SAASTA Power Cup