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Year 9 - Visual Art - Art & Design B

Course Overview

This course is structured with one term of art and one term of design. It will build on students' drawing skills (use of tools such as grids, viewfinder, light box and pen and ink), painting, clay/sculpting skills (eg. slab building), printing (eg. reduction print) and digital art skills. Students will be introduced to the design cycle and the broad areas of product design, environmental design, graphic design, or visual communication. Throughout the course, students will develop skills to complete a formal analysis and evaluate other artists and designers' works, which may include European, Asian and/or Indigenous cultures or contexts. The course may include participation in community art events or competitions.

Materials will be provided including an A4 or A3 sketchbook.





Duration of the Course

1 Semester

Possible Pathways

Year 10 Visual Art - Art/Design, Year 10 Visual Art - Art focus, Year 10 Visual Art - Design focus, Year 10 Theatre Company and Year 10 Media Arts.

Contact Information

Choo-Lee Long

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Year 9 - Visual Art - Art & Design B