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Year 11 - Stage 1 - Business Innovation B

Course Overview

In Stage 1 Business Innovation, students begin to develop the knowledge, skills, and understandings to engage in business contexts in the modern world. Students will be immersed in the process of finding and solving customer problems or needs through design thinking and using assumption-based planning tools. The customer is at the centre of the innovation process and the generation of viable business products, services, and processes.

In Semester Two, students will apply their understanding of the learning strands: Finding and solving problems, Financial awareness and decision-making, Business information and communication and Global, local, and digital connections through the context of an existing business, product, or service.


Entrepreneurial Learning



Duration of the Course

1 Semester

SACE Credits


Possible Pathways

Stage 2 Business Innovation

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Roxanne Rowland

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Year 11 - Stage 1 - Business Innovation B