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Year 10 - It's Your Business

Course Overview

This Entrepreneurial subject encourages students to think creatively and develop solutions to real world problems for the local community or self, while prototyping ideas/services. This can include Social Entrepreneurship (e.g. giving back to the community through specialised programs and/or organising events). They will study changes for improvement in products/services and make a better product/service considering costs, business overheads and profit margins. Students will:
  • Develop their own business ideas as a product (e.g. native herb production, computer related technologies - 2D/3D printing or recycling/up-cycling items to reduce landfill) or a service (e.g. creating an event, sharing/teaching a skill or working with a charitable organisation)
  • Find an opportunity, learn by doing and make it happen
  • Explore Entrepreneurial Capabilities (Problem Solving, Collaborating with Others, & Learning Through Real World Application)
  • Pitch & present their solutions/ideas to panels of experts
  • Create a small start-up business with a live trading time
Students will link with local businesses to undertake a case study and seek feedback on a personally developed business plan. Students will develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and personal capabilities to participate in a global society, where they can build their own futures


Entrepreneurial Learning



Duration of the Course

1 Semester

SACE Credits

10 SACE credits

Possible Pathways

Stage 1 Business Innovation 

Contact Information

Roxanne Rowland

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Year 10 - It's Your Business