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Year 12 - Stage 2 - Physical Education

Course Overview

This course consists of three assessment types

  • Assessment Type 1: Diagnostics.
  • Assessment Type 2: Self-improvement Portfolio
  • Assessment Type 3: Group Dynamics (external). 

Throughout the course students participate and investigate their physical capacities and analyse and evaluate movement performances by applying key theoretical concepts. Students utilize various data collection methods to support their findings and justifications. 

Students undertake a personal journey of improvement in relation to a specific physical activity. Students design and implement strategies, plans and programs to improve an identified aspect of their performance. 

Students work collaboratively to create a physical activity event and undertake a specific coaching role to improve the performance or participation of other team members. Students collect a folio of evidence that supports their contributions and impact. 


Physical Education & Health



Duration of the Course

Full Year

SACE Credits



Group Dynamics External Assessment

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Sarah Stephensen

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Year 12 - Stage 2 - Physical Education