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Year 12 - Stage 2 - Music

Course Overview

This Music course is tailored to each student's areas of expertise and/or interest such as solo performance, ensemble performance, composing or arranging. Their choice will see them develop their skills in an area they are passionate in and, when applicable, undertake studies in the prerequisite subject for Music courses at University. 

To ensure progression of skills, students will need to hire or own their own instrument and attend instrumental lessons. Some instrumental lessons are provided by DfE instrumental music free of charge, other lessons are at a cost (Please see enrolment of instrumental lessons form). 






Recommendation of Year 11 Music Production and/or Stage 1 Music teacher. 

Duration of the Course

Full Year

SACE Credits



Music Explorations (Performance or Composition/Arrangement and Analysis). 

Music Studies (2hr exam)

Contact Information

Choo-Lee Long

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Year 12 - Stage 2 - Music