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Year 11 - Stage 1 - Creative Arts A

Course Overview

In Creative Arts students build knowledge and understanding of the nature, concepts, techniques, and processes of the work of practitioners of their choice, through an Inquiry. They have the opportunity to select a skills focus, documented in a Folio or presented, that further develops their learning in their relevant creative arts discipline(s) of interest. Creative arts is a broad area, where students can focus for example on music (practising and refining skills with voice or an instrument), design (model-making), film (digital editing), visual art, or dance (choreography). Students will produce their own creative arts product reflecting on their learning and future application of the skill. This course also presents opportunities for collaboration.





Duration of the Course

1 Semester

SACE Credits


Possible Pathways

Stage 2 Creative Arts 

Contact Information

Choo-Lee Long

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Year 11 - Stage 1 - Creative Arts A