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Year 9 - Global Citizens

Course Overview

Global citizenship is the idea that all people have rights and civic responsibilities that come with being a member of the world. Social innovators and entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. In this topic, students will learn about a variety of social innovators, entrepreneurs and enterprises in order to learn about the rights and responsibilities of both businesses and consumers. Students will learn about Australia’s political system and how it enables change. They examine ways political parties, interest groups, media and individuals influence government and decision making processes. Students may have the opportunity to participate in $20 BOSS, where they receive $20 of start-up capital to plan, create, launch and operate their ventures. Following a minimum four-week trading period, these students will be required to evaluate and reflect upon the outcomes of their decisions. 

Students are encouraged to participate in excursions which may incur a cost of approximately $15 for transport and entry fees (if applicable). Students engaged in $20 BOSS will be required to run their own businesses which may involve participation before school, during break times and after school activities.


Humanities and Social Sciences, Entrepreneurial Learning



Duration of the Course

1 Semester

Contact Information

Paul van Deth

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Year 9 - Global Citizens