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Year 8 - Global Perspectives

Course Overview

How do the interconnections between places, people and environments affect the lives of people? Students will seek to answer this question whilst considering what may affect the ways people work now and in the future. The emphasis is on national and regional issues, with opportunities for the concepts to also be considered in relation to local community or global issues. Students will consider how entrepreneurial behaviour, skills and mindsets contribute to success. To further enhance their understanding of our changing world, students develop geographical knowledge about a variety of world environments, peoples, and places, including Australia. They study human geography about Changing Nations and the challenges of urbanisation.  

Students are encouraged to participate in excursions which may incur a cost of approximately $15 for transport and entry fees (if applicable). 


Humanities and Social Sciences, Entrepreneurial Learning



Duration of the Course

1 Semester

Contact Information

Paul van Deth

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Year 8 - Global Perspectives