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Year 11 - Stage 1 - Biology A or A and B

Course Overview

This course is divided into four topics: Cells and Microorganisms, Infectious Disease, Multicellular Organisms and Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics. These topics provide the students with the opportunity to extend their skills, knowledge and understanding of the three strands of science: science inquiry skills, science as a human endeavour and science understanding. In their study of Biology, students inquire into and explain biological phenomena and draw evidence-based conclusions from their investigations into biology-related issues, developments, and innovations. For a 20-credit subject, students study a selection of concepts from all four topics. 

It is recommended that students purchase a workbook (approx. $60). 





Duration of the Course

1 Semester or Full Year

SACE Credits

10 or 20

Possible Pathways

Stage 2 Biology

Contact Information

Michael Stratfold

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Year 11 - Stage 1 - Biology A or A and B