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Year 10 - Product Innovation - Technology Focus

Course Overview

Students analyse and recreate real-life products and develop solutions to design problems using sketching techniques, Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM) software and prototype making using CNC machines/3D printing to realise designs goals. Students work at their own level; they can begin this course with no prior experience and undertake structured exercises to learn CAD skills and reverse engineer commercial products or create entirely new designs. This course is a great addition to any Design, Technology and Engineering course further developing skills used in all areas and beyond.

This subject is assessed against SACE Stage 1 Integrated Learning Performance Standards. 


Technology Studies



Duration of the Course

1 Semester

Possible Pathways

Stage 1 DTE - Robotics & Electronic (Auto Focus), DTE - Material Solutions (Wood), DTE - Industry & Entrepreneurial (Metal), DTE - Digital Communication (Photography)

Contact Information

Choo-Lee Long

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Year 10 - Product Innovation - Technology Focus