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Year 10 - Mathematics (Methods Pathway)

Course Overview

Mathematics provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. 

The curriculum focuses on developing increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem-solving skills. These proficiencies enable students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by employing mathematical strategies to think critically and creatively and to solve problems efficiently.

This subject follows the Year 10 Mathematics Australian Curriculum, providing students with a strong mathematical foundation for any mathematics pathway and prepares students for future studies in Stage 1  Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics or General Mathematics





Duration of the Course

Full Year

Possible Pathways

Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics, Stage 1 Mathematical Methods, Stage 1 General Mathematics 

Contact Information

Michael Stratfold

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Year 10 - Mathematics (Methods Pathway)