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Year 8 - Science

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At MBHS, Australian Curriculum digital technologies, mathematics and science are taught as an integrated curriculum through the STEM subject. Students learn about Ngarrindjeri perspectives in the STEM course to give our students a strong connection to those that have been practicing scientists on our lands for over 60000 years.

In the Year 8 STEM course students are introduced to cells as microscopic structures that explain macroscopic properties of living systems. They link form and function at an organ level and explore the organisation of a body system in terms of flows of matter between interdependent organs. They begin to classify different types of energy and describe the role of energy in causing change in systems, including the role of energy and forces in the geosphere. They learn to classify matter at the atomic level and distinguish between chemical and physical change. They understand that chemical reactions also involve energy. Students use experimentation to isolate relationships between components in systems and explain these relationships through increasingly complex representations. They consider the magnitude of properties and use appropriate units to describe proportional relationships.





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Full Year

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Michael Stratfold

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Year 8 - Science