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Year 10 - @Work

Course Overview

The program is designed for students who have indicated that they are looking into a possible trade pathway in the future years. Students develop skills and abilities required to be successful in accessing their chosen career pathway.

The program will allow for students to gain 10 SACE credits as they will be completing Stage 1 Workplace Practices as part of the Year 10 @Work curriculum.

The program will culminate with students completing Work Experience in their chosen industry, the program also includes students learning about Future Trends in the World of Work, The Value of Unpaid Work to Society, Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities and Career Planning. There will be opportunities to undertake their White Card Training at an individual level.


Entrepreneurial Learning



Duration of the Course

1 Semester

SACE Credits

10 credits

Contact Information

Jack Daly

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Year 10 - @Work