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Year 10 - Health

Course Overview

Students access and apply health information from credible sources to propose solutions and respond to a variety of health and wellbeing situations. Students evaluate interventions that include leisure, recreational and fitness activities in order to improve health and well being outcomes in their communities. They examine the role physical activity has played historically in defining cultures and cultural identities.

Students develop positive attitudes towards health and wellbeing through engaging in a range of low impact leisure and social activities that aim to develop an appreciation towards physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.


Physical Education & Health




Choose Physical Education or Health at Year 10

Duration of the Course

1 Semester

Possible Pathways

Stage 1 Physical Education, Stage 1 Health, Stage 1 Peer Support, Stage 1 Outdoor Education, Stage 1 Sports Studies

Contact Information

Sarah Stephensen

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Year 10 - Health