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Year 10 - Product Innovation - Creative Arts Focus

Course Overview

This Entrepreneurial / Creative Arts course is aimed at students who have an interest in developing original works of design/arts using a range of arts techniques and materials (e.g. silver/polymer clay jewellery, glass work, screen printing, fabric/garment/fashion design, computer related technologies - 2D/3D printing or recycling/up-cycling items to reduce landfill). Throughout the course students will:

  • Participate in a number of skill building tasks that will give them insight into prototyping
  • Develop and demonstrate knowledge and use of the Design Process
  • Explore Entrepreneurial Capabilities (Problem Solving, Collaborating with others and learning through real world application)
  • Learn how to write a brief, experiment, research and show problem solving
  • Create a small start-up business with a live trading time

This subject is assessed against SACE Stage 1 Integrated Learning Performance Standards. 


Entrepreneurial Learning, Arts



Duration of the Course

1 semester

SACE Credits

10 SACE Credits

Possible Pathways

Stage 1 Business Innovation

Contact Information

Roxanne Rowland

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Year 10 - Product Innovation - Creative Arts Focus