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Year 7 - Science

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At MBHS, Australian Curriculum digital technologies, mathematics and science are taught as an integrated curriculum through the STEM subject. Students learn about Ngarrindjeri perspectives in the STEM course to give our students a strong connection to those that have been practicing scientists on our lands for over 60000 years.

The Year 7 STEM course gives students a chance to learn about how biological diversity is ordered and organised and ecosystems are affected by environmental changes. Students investigate the earth-sun-moon cycles and how these can be used to explain phenomena on Earth. Students use experimentation to explain forces on objects and energy in systems. Explaining these relationships through increasingly complex representations. They make predictions and propose explanations, drawing on evidence to support their views while considering other points of view. Students develop a range of inquiry skills such as questioning, planning, processing, analysing and evaluating.





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Full Year

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Michael Stratfold

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Year 7 - Science