Term 1 Issue 4 2024

Principal's Page

Dear families,

Thank you to the families that supported us on sports day to watch and cheer on our athletes. It is always such a fun day and I love seeing the camaraderie and positive competition that occurs. Putting this on is such a logical ‘hurdle’ for our PE staff and I want to congratulate Healthy Lifestyles Leader Shana Weston and the team for giving all students the opportunity to be involved in so many different challenges. 

There are many opportunities for students to be involved in leadership roles within the school and community. One such opportunity is the River Murray Youth Council (RMYC), for students who have an interest in the environment and want to be part of engaging with, and contributing to healthier local landscapes and communities. I would like to acknowledge and congratulate 
Kevina Kropinyeri-Trevorrow, Abbi Roach, Samara Al Halli, Patrick Mitchell and Maddison Stavast for taking on this important role, and know they will also develop leadership, teamwork and public speaking skills along the way. What incredible ambassadors for our school! 

Last week we hosted a group of Japanese teachers who were keen to learn how we have embedded entrepreneurial learning in our subjects at school. They were overwhelmed by the variety of choices and experiences our kids are involved in, and keen to share learnings in their schools. As you may know, each year we host students from Funabashi High School for a fortnight of language and culture immersion. If you have a spare bedroom and are willing to host a student please contact the school and let Helen Peake know. As a past host mum I can share that the experience was so enriching, especially being able to share in the delight of simple things like playing in the backyard, experiencing different foods and sharing Australian pastimes like footy and netball. 

I request for families to please have discussions at home with their students about respecting the boundaries of our local primary schools. Sometimes the students have the best of intentions in saying hi to past primary school staff, but it is not okay to be on their school grounds, particularly on Wednesday afternoons. I would not just wander into any local primary school grounds as it is trespassing for anyone other than primary school students and parents. Students who are waiting to pick up younger siblings should do so from the boundary fence. We want to keep everyone safe and primary staff should be able to farewell their students at the end of the day without having to try and determine if someone is an intruder who intends to do harm or not. 

Tonight is the night of nights, the annual Murray Bridge High School Year 12 formal, full of glitz, glamour and most importantly friendship.  If you are intending to watch the spectacle the cars start dropping off our young adults at the Town Hall from 6pm, see you there!


Sports Day

By Shana Weston

The 2024 Murray Bridge High Sports Day was a resounding success, filled with competitive spirit and camaraderie. Pondi emerged victorious, claiming the Spirit Cup for their outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork. Congratulations to Wirakuthi for their overall win, showcasing exceptional talent and determination throughout the day.
Final Scores 
1st place on 2048 points, Wirakuthi
2nd place on 1914 points, Pondi
3rd place on 1834 points, Kungari
4th place on 1788 points, No:Ri


Japanese Researchers Visit

By Helen Peake

Last Friday we welcomed visiting researchers from Osaka Kyoiku University to view our setup as an Entrepreneurial Specialist School. First stop was Mypolonga Primary School where the students warmly welcomed our Japanese visitors and introduced them to the Mypolonga School Shop. Our visitors were very interested in the running of the shop and took full advantage of questioning the students about their roles. We would like to sincerely thank Sonny Vogt (Principal) for providing us with the opportunity to visit and to Mel Carstairs for answering a never ending set of questions about the set up at Mypolonga Primary School.

We then headed to Murray Bridge High School which was in the middle of Sports Day meaning the visitors were unable to speak to students about their entrepreneurial experiences. However Ruth talked through a slide show which neatly explained the subjects taught in the entrepreneurial stream and the advantages of these subjects derived by the students studying them. A quick visit to the entrepreneurial building and the Industrial Kitchen further demonstrated the magnificent facilities we have here at the school.

Overall the aim of the visit is to build a working relationship between the Japanese University and us in order to share our experiences.


Year 11 Industry English

By Melissa Bermingham

The Year 11 Industry English class have been fortunate enough to have two industry bodies come to speak to them about careers within in the construction industry. Chris from Master Builders "Born to Build" program spoke to the students about the pathways that exist within the construction industry and Elisha from Brick and Block Careers spoke about the growing opportunities within the bricklaying industry.

Both Chris and Elisha are able to help students find work experience and link students with potential employers for apprenticeships.

For more information please visit




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Year 8 Food Tech

By Ella Janes

Amazing work from the students in Miss Janes' Year 8 Food Tech class for acing their latest challenge! From bland to grand, these students transformed basic 2-minute noodles into culinary masterpieces. Check out their mouthwatering creations! 


Year 8 Science

By Avelin David

We are excited to share that our Year 8 KU class has been delving into the fascinating realm of energy efficiency! Throughout this engaging journey, students have been actively exploring methods to minimize electricity consumption and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
It has been inspiring to witness the dedication and enthusiasm with which our students have embraced this important topic. From brainstorming innovative solutions to discussing the significance of reducing our carbon footprint, their commitment to environmental stewardship has been truly commendable.
As we continue to nurture a culture of sustainability within our school community, we look forward to seeing the positive impact of these efforts extend beyond the classroom and into our daily lives. 

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ELO Excursion

By Christine McGowen

A BIG thank you to the generosity of the Variety Organisation, for providing all ELO students with the opportunity to attend the Monarto Safari Park. We had the privilege of having John, the senior education officer from Monarto, give us a private tour of the park. We all learnt a lot of interesting information on a range of animals. It was a great day out! 

elo monato.jpg

Set Designers Club

By Melissa Bermingham

The Set Designers Club met properly for the first time this week. 

The MBHS 2024 Musical ‘School of Rock’ is less than a term away and staff and students have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything is ready for the big night. 

So far the Set Designers Club, with student-leader Tyler Bartlett, has started making steps for the stage and desks and seats for the school classroom set. 

Over the coming weeks there will be even more amazing sets and props coming out of our tech workshop.

If you are interested in helping out, stop by TC.3 during Tuesday lunchtimes before the end of term 1!


Free Home Internet Access

Students and families who have inadequate or no access to internet at home are eligible to apply for a free internet connection to support learning. 
There are 2 options available to eligible families:
•    wireless internet access from the Department for Education through the student home internet program
•    NBN broadband internet access until December 2025 from the Australian Government through the School Student Broadband Initiative.
You might be eligible if you:
•    have a school aged child
•    don’t have reliable home internet access or have no active NBN broadband connection.
Find out more about what options are available and how parents and carers can apply by visiting the department’s website


Materials and Services Charges 2024

Please note that 2024 Materials & Service charges are due to be paid in full by the last day of Term 1 – Friday 12th April 2024. School Cards must be applied for each year, at each school you have a student attending.
If you feel that you would be eligible for a School Card and would like to apply online please click


alternatively if you would prefer to complete a paper application, contact Deb Lang.
Formal payment arrangements can also be made with Deb Lang to pay outstanding invoices by instalments.
Deb Lang
PH: 8531 9512
Email: debra.lang818@schools.sa.edu.au   

School of Rock - Donations

Do you have any old MBHS school skirts laying around and don't know what to do with them? We can help you out!
We are looking for any old MBHS skirts to be donated for our School of Rock performance (they will be cut up and non returnable)
Please leave any donations at reception for Ros.

Fri 22 Mar Senior Formal
Mon 25 Mar SANTOS Athletics
Tues 26 - Wed 27 Mar Yr 11 Outdoor Education Snorkelling Camp
Tues 26 Mar Yr 8 Music Performance 3:30pm - 4:00pm
Tues 26 Mar  Finance Committee Meeting - 5:00pm
Wed 27 Mar  Yr 7 Immunisations
Fri 29 Mar  Good Friday 
Mon 1 Apr Easter Monday 
Tues 2 - Fri 5 Apr Yr 7 Aquatics
Tues 2 Apr Governing Council Meeting 6:00pm
Tues 2 Apr Yr 7/8 SI Performance 3:30 - 4:00pm
Thur 4 Apr Yr 10 Immunisations
Thur 4 - Fri 5 Apr Yr 10 Outdoor Ed - Mount Crawford Hike
Fri 5 Apr Yr 12 Health P.A.R.T.Y Program Excursion
Fri 12 Apr Middle Years Achievement Assembly
Fri 12 Apr Last Day of Term - 2:00pm Dismissal

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