Term 4 Issue 4 2023

Principal's Page

Dear families,

As we head into the final school days of 2023 and the 110th year of Murray Bridge High School, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our extended school community for your support and investment in the young people of the Murraylands. 
We pride ourselves in preparing students for future pathways and this includes development of strength capabilities that encompass knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and ethical understanding. Local employers, along with the Murraylands Skills Centre have provided opportunities for students to immerse themselves in mentoring and work experience, providing a direct link to employment possibilities for the future. The number of volunteering opportunities has also been huge this year, enabling students to give back to the community as well as develop teamwork skills along the way. Thank you to the businesses and organisations who provide food, material goods and support to students and their families who are doing it tough. When we all work together in a wrap around approach we create the best connections and outcomes. 

Last week we wrapped up a two year engagement of a collaboration between UniSA and Adelaide Uni in an Australian Research Council action research project on Culturally Responsive Schooling. We investigated the five core elements of how to connect strongly to student lifeworlds, recognising cultural difference as a positive asset for learning, providing high intellectual challenge, supporting the performance of learning and multimodal literacies along with enabling an activist orientation, and this has seen significant positive changes in classroom and office dynamics.  Our teachers have embraced the opportunity to share a challenge of practice and the changes they have made in classroom practice to increase learner engagement. While this was a whole school project, some had much greater commitments in the action research process. I would particularly like to thank Josh Coulter, Nick Pearce, Aimee Sparrow, AJ Perkins and Danika Mortimer who were our first round teacher leaders (known as the Fab 5) who went through the process and then mentored the second team of Monika Hatcher, Blake Tabe, Melanie Bennett and Nick Spencer in their presentations to university academics and other schools. The written outcome of the ARC project will be available to us later next year, and in the meantime we have over 90 action research projects from across the school to draw on in future years.        

The teaching and school support team have much to celebrate with strong learning outcomes, a broad range of options to meet individual needs and interests offered, and planning for next year well under way. Thank you all for your dedication to creating such a vibrant learning environment this year. Every year we sadly farewell a number of staff who are moving on to other schools and positions. I know that Murray Bridge High is a wonderfully supportive training ground for early career teachers and those keen to experience leadership, and in turn we benefit from their passion, commitment and unique skills. I would personally like to thank Gilbert Tuazon, Leah Waye, Alex McFarlane, Sarah Stephensen, Joel O’Connor, Jess Hankin, Nikita Hein and Cassie Brion for giving their best. I wish them all well in their new endeavours. 


Middle School Success Assembly

By Kelsey Milne

On Friday in Week 8, we celebrated our Middle School students' achievements in our last Success Assembly for 2023. We recognised those who excelled in academics and neighborhood contributions, handing out awards for Academic Achievement, Academic Growth, Neighbourhood Excellence, and Dux. Plus, we announced Wirakuthi as the Neighbourhood Cup winner, and they're set to enjoy a pizza party next Tuesday in Week 9.

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MBHS Robotics Teams at FIRST Tech Challenge Australian Championship

By Fiona Rabone

Over the weekend, the students of MBHS had an action-packed experience at the FIRST Tech Challenge 2023 Australian Championship held in Sydney. Our two dedicated teams, the 15215 Bunyips and 22407 Mulayonks, demonstrated the core values of gracious professionalism and cooperation throughout the competition.
Despite facing stiff competition, our teams showed their commitment and passion, securing the 23rd and 30th positions out of the 42 participating teams. A special congratulations goes to Team 15215 Bunyips for earning the prestigious Judge's Choice Award—a well-deserved recognition of their outstanding efforts.
The journey was not without its challenges, as both teams encountered highs and lows during the competition. Technical issues, including problems with slide alignment and servos, arose after our robots experienced an unexpected tumble on the way to the venue. Additionally, the cancellation of our return flight just hours before departure tested the teams' problem-solving skills and adaptability.
What truly stood out, however, was the spirit of our students. Their ability to tackle challenges head-on, employing ingenuity and seeking assistance from other teams when needed, illustrates the resilience and collaborative mindset fostered within our robotics program. These experiences go beyond the technical aspects of the competition, growing qualities such as teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving—skills that are crucial for success in any future endeavour.
This success has been supported by the countless hours volunteered by our students, the team mentors, support from parents, and the incredible response from the local Murray Bridge community.  Generous donations from our community not only allowed us to travel to the competition but also demonstrated the power of collective support in nurturing the talents and ambitions of our students.
The FIRST Tech Challenge provided a platform for showcasing technical skills and also offered invaluable life lessons. The memories created and the camaraderie developed during this competition will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our students. As a school community, we commend the Bunyips and Mulayonks for representing MBHS with enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and a true sense of teamwork. We look forward to more exciting achievements and adventures from our robotics program in the future!


Thursday Week 9, Murray Bridge High School presents: River Rhythms the Music Festival!

On Thursday the 14th of December, we will be hosting an end of year music festival for our middle school students to celebrate all the hard work and dedication they have put into their schooling this year.
There will be live music sets all day, courtesy of Murray Bridge High School's own local legends, Exit Plan, our incredibly talented staff band, and our very special guests, The Station.
Along with this, we will have a variety of fun activities and other things on offer for the students, including a water obstacle course courtesy of our student voice committee, a bungee run, velcro sticky wall, dunk tank, a festival glitter tent, craft tent, Maker's Market tent, D&D room, movie room, a variety of food trucks, and more! 
Feel free to bring a couple of dollars to buy gifts at the Makers Market or a fun treat at the food trucks.

We can't wait to enjoy the festivities and end the 2023 school year with a bang!

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MBHS Japan Trip to Funabashi High School

By Ella Janes

We are thrilled to share the exciting adventures and valuable experiences of the recent school trip to Japan! Ten enthusiastic students—Aleisha, Holly, Asha, Abby, Jett, Kiahna, Nicholas, Shaniah, Summer, and Tayla along with Mr Wandel, Mrs Peake and myself —embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey filled with cultural immersion, educational insights, and unforgettable memories.
The journey commenced with a visit to Funabashi High School, where our students had the unique opportunity to stay with host families and attend classes alongside their Japanese counterparts. Each student was paired with a class buddy, providing a firsthand look into the daily life of Japanese students and fostering meaningful connections. This cultural exchange allowed our students to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese traditions, school systems, and daily routines.
One of the highlights of the visit to Funabashi High School was undoubtedly the day spent at Disneyland, where our students, along with their host buddies and teachers, reveled in the magic of this world-renowned theme park. Laughter, excitement, and shared experiences created bonds that transcended borders and language barriers.
Our journey continued with a swift ride on a bullet train to Osaka, which served as our base for the remainder of the trip. In Osaka, our students explored the wonders of Universal Studios, navigating through the park's attractions and enjoying the exhilarating rides that left everyone with smiles and stories to share.
A trip to Kyoto enriched our students' understanding of Japan's cultural heritage, as they visited ancient shrines and absorbed the serene beauty of this historic city. From traditional rituals to modern expressions, our students embraced the diversity of Japan's cultural tapestry.
The educational aspect of the trip reached a poignant moment in Hiroshima, where our students delved into the rich and somber history of the city. Learning about the tragic events that unfolded there served as a powerful reminder of the importance of peace, understanding, and global unity.
As our students return with hearts full of newfound knowledge and cherished memories, we extend our deepest gratitude to Helen Peake, the dedicated teacher who tirelessly organised this amazing journey. Helen's commitment and countless hours of hard work made this trip possible, allowing our students to embark on this life-changing adventure.
We also extend heartfelt thanks to Funabashi High School for hosting us and welcoming us with warm arms. The hospitality and kindness shown to our students created an atmosphere of friendship and cultural exchange that will be remembered for years to come.

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Sixth Street Maker's Market

By Catherine Alcock

Weather held up for the Sixth Street Maker's Market including the Glee Club performance on Sunday 26th November, another enjoyable day for the students and staff who participated. A big Thankyou to everyone involved and to those of you who visited the market on the day, and a massive congratulations to the students! Some of the funds raised will support chosen charities, with the remainder enabling more equipment and materials to be purchased for the learning areas. 

sixth street.jpeg

Year 8 Special Interest Music Final Performance for 2023

By Sean Hickey

The Year 8 Special Interest Music class presented their final performance for 2023 in the Music Suite to several classes and parents. The students gave a recount of every piece they had learnt this year to share a 30min performance. The pieces ranged from I Was Made for Loving You by Kiss, to Gonna Fly Now from the movie Rocky II and the Star Wars Theme, as well as our final two pieces Viva La Vida by Cold Play and What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. The class performed their pieces exceptionally well and should be proud of what they have achieved this year in music.

Music 2.JPG


By Catherine Alcock

Year 7 (7VAK) finished off the term having learnt various watercolour techniques then applying them in a resolved artwork. They thought about composition, using framing and repeat patterns with a border to reflect their chosen subject matter. 
The year 9s (9VADB) finished painting their coil pots, from the small and detailed to larger lidded urns, each was a reflection of the student's interests and a response to what they had studied earlier: The Hermannsburg Potters.

Year 9 Art and Design students visited the Tarnanthi exhibition at AGSA, showing contemporary art of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from across Australia. Despite the worst weather day of the year and a long bus journey we arrived to a very welcoming and flexible Education staff, who rearranged schedules to ensure the students were still able to enjoy a Studio activity and guided tour of the exhibition.
Quotes from our students:
"I liked it lots because I got to see about their life and history" EH
"It showed me that there was a story behind all of the work" RM
"It has altered my perspective on the history of how their lives were and what things show significance" NA
"I learnt more about the different styles of art and how stories can be shown through art" LN
"I found that the art made by Vincent Namatjira is incredibly interesting because of the story behind them and how much effort he put into it" MB
"I liked the pots that Judith Inkamala had made and painted. I liked them because of how she told her life story and what it was like growing up through the art on the pots" AS


Create4adelaide artwork selected!

Earlier this month voting closed for the exhibition of exciting works created by young people to tackle the climate emergency, Create4Adelaide. Class 7 VAK participated, responding to the climate change priority 'extinction of animals and plants' with a collaborative artwork titled 'It’s their world too'. Students voted on which climate change priority they preferred to respond to, then each researched the WWF species list to select an endangered or extinct animal that they wanted to create for the artwork. It is wonderful to announce that the artwork has been selected for the Adelaide Festival Exhibition, launching in February at the Bicentennial Conservatory, Adelaide Botanic Garden. 


Year 9 Visit to Adelaide Gaol

By Ebony Heitmann

On Wednesday Week 7, the 9NR, NO and KN HASS classes went on an excursion to the Adelaide Gaol and Bonython Park as a part of their Civics Unit, "Equal before the Law." A great day was had by all. Highlights included having time to explore the gaol, seeing original artefacts made and owned by prisoners held there in the past and the things they left behind, such as the over-a-century-old rose garden that the female prisoners planted and tended to, learning about the history of specific prisoners, including Elizabeth Woolcock, the giant hamster wheel at Bonython Park, and the incredible chips adored by all from Cafe Bonython.


STEM Camp 2023

By Melissa Bermingham

Flinders University hosted 24 of our young scientists during week 8 at the annual STEM Camp. The year 9s and 10s were able to hear from experts in various STEM fields, from Biomedical Engineering to Archaeology. Over the course of the camp the students participated in a range of workshops to give them hands-on university experiences. From code-breaking puzzles to solving forensic cases, the students were exposed to the wide range of topics that fit under the STEM umbrella. The final day was full of mixed emotions as the students competed against each other to win the ultimate quiz. Two of our teams finished on the podium; taking both first and third place in the quiz. Those who attended are able to access university extension programs, which allow them to earn SACE points and university course credit!

Regardless of their area of interest, students made the most of this unique opportunity to explore university pathways open to them. Thanks to Mr Watts and Miss Bermingham for supervising the group on their camp. 

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Place Of Courage

By Alex McFarlane

On Friday the 24th of November a number of Murray Bridge High School Students gathered at the Station to take part in the launch of a public art project, Place Of Courage, led by the Murray Bridge Regional Collaboration on Violence Against Women and Children along with Spirit of Woman, to commemorate the victims and survivors of Domestic and family violence. With this issue so prevalent in the media, currently, and with our ongoing advocating against domestic violence, students wanted to be present to show their support to the cause and the new artwork which is open to the public. Students were privy to personal stories, artwork and information all with a strong message that Domestic Violence will not be silent within our community. Music students, Megan C, Charli W, Liana M, Kiara P, Maggie B and Lily D under the direction of instrumental teacher Tim Frears, performed a moving Bach Chorale for the community that came out to support the cause.

To further support the Murray Bridge Regional Collaboration on Violence Against Women and Children, Murray Bridge High School created the Butterfly Wall Project for this event and collaborated with the Regional Gallery and Unity College on the Creative Courage Exhibition. Many thanks to Visual Art teachers, Kylie Brunato and Catherine Alcock for leading and inspiring the staff and students in the creation of these artworks.

The Butterfly Wall Project
Inspired by the Place of Courage project, and the school wanting to actively contribute, the students and teaching staff became invested in The Butterfly Wall Project. This project was a cathartic and emotional response to the issue of domestic and family violence. Each butterfly created for the wall holds significant meaning and shows support for those affected by domestic violence. It has been a successful project, bringing the school community together to support a crucial cause. You can view the Butterfly Wall at the Creative Courage Exhibition at the Regional Gallery

Creative Courage Exhibition
The Year 9 & 10 Visual Art & Design students at Murray Bridge High School were given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings on domestic and family violence through the statement "What Does a Loving Community Look Like?" The artwork they created is a powerful reflection of the emotions and support they feel towards this serious issue and can be viewed at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery on Sixth Street. The exhibition is open now and runs until January 26th, 2024.

Place of Courage
Led by Spirit of Woman and brought to Murray Bridge by the Murray Bridge Regional Collaboration on Violence against Women and Children with the support of the Rural City of Murray Bridge, the Murray Bridge Place of Courage is a granite sculpture, one of many interconnecting ‘ripples’ that publicly acknowledges the trauma of domestic and family violence and pays tribute to the lives lost. The Murray Bridge ‘ripple’, developed by artists CHEB, is installed at the Murray Bridge riverfront - Murray Cods Drive in Sturt Reserve providing a permanent public place to grieve, find solace, heal, connect and educate about Domestic Violence.



By Ty Burkett

In term 4 the 9@Work class has volunteered in a different format with the Murray Bridge Wellbeing Hub seeking support via several small projects to support the community. Bridgette from the wellbeing hub came to meet the students and presented them with several projects and aligning criteria to meet their needs. Students created small groups to visualise, design and produce their project using our tech studies space, with some amazing outcomes and finished products. By the end of the term students have produces 2 x growth carts, 1 x mini bread cart and 1 seed box. 


Yr 8 Home Economics

By Choo-Lee Long

Our Yr 8 Home Economics classes have been learning about seasonal food, where better to get seasonal food but from our very own agriculture garden! Beetroot is currently in season so students have been exploring  how to produce a variety of savoury and sweet recipes using beetroot. As their final task they researched and planned a snack that was appealing for a teenager with beetroot as the focus.  A fantastic cross curricular learning experience!

food 3.jpg

Thur 14 Dec River Rhythms - Music Festival
Fri 15 Dec Last Day of Term 4 - Pool Day and 2pm Dismissal

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It’s the end of the year and our lost property is overflowing! If you’ve lost something throughout this year please come to student services and to your best knowledge describe what you lost and when you might have lost it.

We have:

Jumpers and Jackets
Mobile phones
Basketballs, footballs,
Loom bands
Make up

And so much more…