Term 3 Issue 4 2023

Principal's Page

Hello families,

Next week we are hosting an evening performance with the Australian Girls Choir in the Town Hall. It has been five years since they visited the Murraylands and it is such a good evening’s entertainment, with light refreshments also provided. Tickets are still available through our school website and are extremely good value for money. We would love to fill the house!
The term might be getting close to the end but there are still many things happening daily at Murray Bridge High. I need to firstly commend the Wellbeing Team on the R U OK? Day events that have just happened. It is fantastic when the community comes together to support our young people and I would like to acknowledge and thank Gerry and Annette Korzaba for being part of the pancake brigade who cooked and served a massive pile of pancakes before school on Thursday. Planet Youth collaborated with Clontarf to put on a bbq at lunchtime, and AC Care, Sammy D Foundation and Mission Australia all attended for lunchtime activities. By raising awareness we encourage all to take an activist stance and remember that any day is the day to ask ‘are you OK? and support those struggling in life.

This year's Pedal Prix 24 hr event is going to be held in very warm conditions, but the students assure me they are ready and raring to go. Team leader Kelsey Milne has been training with the teams all year, and is keen to show off our students on our home turf. If you have time this weekend Sturt Reserve is the place to be! Best wishes to all riders, and thank you to supporting team members and families!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been meeting with Student Leaders from Years 7, 8 and 9 to discuss where we are at now and what we can leverage further to improve learning, engagement and achievement. I have been incredibly impressed with how articulate and passionate our students are. We will continue to progress ideas and changes in partnership together.

Next Thursday is the United Nations International Day of Peace and we have collaborated with the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge to install five Peace Poles with peace messages from 20 different cultural groups that capture some of the diverse nations that make up our school community. The official assembly will take place on the Lohmann Street lawns at 9.30am and any interested community members are invited to attend. Rotary commemorates 100 years this year and we congratulate them on this incredible milestone and thank them for their contributions to Murray Bridge and the High School.

The next time you see me, my hair will be gone! Congratulations to year 12 health students Courtney, Sasha, Adam and Ben on raising $2,694 so far. Well done team! 


During week 6, Mrs Sparrow's year 12 Health and Wellbeing class ran multiple Health Promotion activities to raise awareness and funds for different campaigns. They raised money for the Backpacks 4 Kids Foundation, Sexual Violence Awareness, The Leukemia Foundation, AC Care and The Black Dog Insitute for men's mental health. Students and stuff participated and supported these events which made for a very successful Health Awareness week. 
Well done everyone!


On Tuesday of Week 5, Year 12 Health and Wellbeing Students Adela, Elyssa-Kate, Hannah and Sophie held a fundraiser to support the Sammy D Foundation. The fundraiser aimed to raise money to support the foundation, while promoting its message of eliminating the risks associated with substance use and the impacts of bullying and violence amongst adolescents. High school students were involved within the fundraiser by participating in the creation of a hand mural in which they painted a hand print to show their support towards the message “We Stand Against Violence”, which is displayed in the centre of the mural. A sausage sizzle was also held to raise additional donations for the fundraiser and from the day as a whole, students we were able to raise a total of $182.91. The mural will be displayed within the wellbeing centre to continue to spread the message that Murray Bridge High School does not support violent behaviour, and to show on-going support towards the foundations aspirations of creating a future where young people can live a life free from violence.

A massive thankyou to Drakes Supermarkets for their donations towards supporting the sausage sizzle, to Sammy D Foundation representative Morgyn for helping us promote the foundation on the day, to MBHS Staff including Mr DeMichele, Mrs Lang, Mrs Brunato, Mr Noske, Tegan and Leon for their help to make the day a success, and to all the students and staff who kindly donated and became involved in the day!

If you were interested in discovering more information and/or show further support to the Sammy D Foundation, access their website or contact the foundation via phone 08 8374 1678.




On Thursday 24th August at lunch, Year 12 Health & Wellbeing students Nicholas, Jack, Clark and Junyuan hosted a Teacher versus Year 12 Students indoor futsal game. The purpose of the game was to raise awareness for the Cancer Council and to increase student teacher engagement. Our event was for the purpose of promoting World Cancer Day, although it was not February 4th, we thought it was important to promote the day as cancer affects many all year round, whether or not it is World Cancer Day. Before the match Junyuan read out a speech for everyone that was present. The speech included facts about cancer council and resources to use if you are affected by cancer. The final score for the match was 12-3 teacher's way, however the students won on golden goal. The MVP for the teachers was Matt Thoday and the students MVP was Ralph Catipay.

You can access Cancer Councils informative website and for any of those in need of a chat with a professional, Cancer Council provides the following support line 13-11-20.



Royal Adelaide Show Sheep Team Success!

By Kayla Starkey

The Sheep Team travelled to the Royal Adelaide Show on Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th September to compete in the School Merino Wether Competition, Prime SAMM Young Judges & Merino Sheep Young Judges competitions. The students prepared and handled our team of three wethers extremely well and were up against some tough competition, with 67 pens of three wethers competing from 42 schools across the state. While we did not place, the students and I are very proud of the efforts that we put into preparing our wethers.

Over in the Wool competition, which was judged prior to the Adelaide Show, we had four fleeces entered in two sections; School Wool Competition and RAHS Country Shows Fleece competition. The RAHS Country Shows Fleece competition is open to any stud or commercial exhibitors who have won a Champion at a country show prior to competition. We were pleased to find out that we were successful in both wool sections winning three firsts and one second, with our RAHS Country Shows Merino Ewe and Wether Fleeces also winning champion ribbons in their respective classes. This is a massive achievement and a credit to all the Agriculture students for their hard work and preparation of the fleece leading up to the competition.

On the Thursday, students competed in the Prime SAMM and Merino Sheep Young Judges competitions. Students assess 4 sheep for their quality in wool and carcass traits and give a placement of 1st - 4th of the sheep. Competitors in the senior class (15-25 Years) who are in the top 6 or 7 are then invited to justify their placing of the sheep by giving an oral presentation. In the Prime SAMM competition, there were over 40 competitors and 7 of our senior students competed. A massive congratulations to Riley H (Year 10) and Harrison M (Year 12) for making through to the oral presentation stage, making it to the top 6. Harrison then placed 3rd overall in the competition. Over to the Merino Sheep Young Judges, 10 students from senior and middle school competed in a strong competition of over 100 young judges from 12 -25 years. Harrison M was selected for the top 7 to give his justification. Another achievement for the sheep team was placing 2nd in the Schools Team Prize, which is to be awarded to a team of three students from the same school who collectively have the highest combined points for handling and placing of the animals. Congratulations to Harrison M, Riley H and Danica D (Year 9), for placing in this class.

Thank you to all the hardworking and dedicated staff in the Agriculture Team and SSOs for supporting our show team, whether it be support in watching students on the competition days or collection and drop off of show gear and animals. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Our show season is not quite over yet as we will be at Murray Bridge Show on 23rd September.



Royal Adelaide Show - Dairy Cattle

By Ally Braun

It's been a busy time at the farm preparing the Dairy Cattle for the Royal Show. Patience has been the key and students have done a wonderful job during practical lessons, leading, grooming and washing dairy cattle for the show. From Saturday 2nd September to Wednesday 6th September the Dairy team attended Wayville showgrounds to participate in the Dairy competitions. As always students participated in a variety of events over the 6 day period with early morning starts and late evening finishes. Special mention to Autumn Stapleton (Year 10) and Abby Altamura (Year 11) who stepped up as full time handlers in the ring after the year 12 handlers were unable to attend.  Both Abby and Autumn demonstrated courage,  determination and excellent showmanship in the ring. Competition was tough but they did a wonderful job working with their Heifers, even when they didn't cooperate.  Preparation of the Heifers is a team effort and all students who attended the Dairy heifer competition did a wonderful job supporting and contributing to the team.

Junior Cow or Heifer Junior Handler: Abby Altamura: 4th 
Schools Only Holstein Heifer Competition: Autumn Stapleton: 4th 
Schools Only Junior handler: Autumn Stapleton 6th

A big thankyou to 2022 Old Scholars Coen Martin and Stephanie Lokan who are both studying Agriculture at University. Both Steph and Coen have previously shown dairy cattle for Murray Bridge High School.  Their organisation of the Dairy team and cattle, knowledge and guidance throughout the show was invaluable.

2023 dairy team .jpeg
dairy setup.jpeg

Royal Adelaide Show - Goats

By Ally Braun

On Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th  the goat team participated in  the school Led Goat competition. The goat team is made up of both Year 10 and 11 students who have been busy preparing the goats and mentoring younger handlers over the last 2 terms. 
The goat team did an exceptional job of working together, demonstrating excellent knowledge and understanding of goat handling, the succession plan for handlers at Murray Bridge High School and the Boer goat breeding at Roper road farm. 
Overall the team was awarded a number of ribbons but the team award of Most Professional Goat Team was a highlight. Ribbons were awarded to:
Emma Lienert and Socksy: 4th
Olivia Schulz and Louie: 2nd
Claire white and Frank 4th
Haylee Ratzmer and Pete: 5th
Jessica Venning and George: 5th
Nikkita Flett and Spot: 6th
ATASA Most Professional Goat Team 

Preparation for the Royal Adelaide Show livestock competition takes a huge amount of effort from both staff and students. A special thankyou to our farm hands Leon and Martin for the feeding, care and transport of livestock.  Emjay Boer goats and Billabong farms for supplying goats and heifers.  Courtney Afford from Billabong Farms for taking the time to mentor and support young Dairy Handlers and loaning the cattle. 
And to the support staff who help supervise students over long days at the show: Shaun Mitton, David Peterson, Ros Schulz, Adrian Perkins  and Michael Stratfold. Thank you!

2023 goat team .jpeg

By Tim Frears

Friday Week Four, Term 3, saw 50 middle school students from across the Murray Lands come together at the Coomandook Institute Hall for a combined workshop and performance. Students came from Meningie Area School, Mannum Community College, Lameroo Regional School, Coomandook Area School and Murray Bridge High School.
The workshop included a range of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments with arrangements in the Concert Band style. Students played works from Bruce Pearson, Timothy Johnson and notable South Australian composer Percy Granger. The Instrumental Music staff would like to thank the teachers from all attending schools for the time and effort they took to bring students to the workshop. Without these staff these high quality learning experiences would not be possible. Special thanks go to Mrs Leng from Coomandook Area School who hosted us.


Australian Girls Choir in Concert with MBHS

By Alex McFarlane

The Australian Girls Choir has been providing high quality Performing Arts education and wonderful performance opportunities to many thousands of girls from across the country for nearly 40 years. In week 9 of this term, they will be in Murray Bridge and are running workshops for and performing with MBHS students. The workshops will be on Tuesday the 19th of September at school. On Wednesday the 20th of September the Australian Girls Choir will performing in a public concert at the Murray Bridge Performing Arts and Function Centre (Town Hall) from 6pm supported by MBHS ensembles.

To book your tickets to witness a dazzling performance form one of Australia's great choirs and have a chance to see our students enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience to perform with them go to


Consent forms for the students involved will be emailed out to families in the coming days.

Robotics Club CenterStage FTC Kickoff

By Lachlan Paul

On Sunday the 10th of September, the MBHS robotics club headed up to St Paul’s College in Adelaide to find out about the next game we would be building robots for! The day was spent collaborating with other South Australian FTC teams, brainstorming ideas and sharing them. This year's game comes with many complex and unique mechanics, which challenged our thinking capabilities and pushed us to come up with creative and interesting ways to tackle the game. 

As we brainstormed ideas for the different ways to play the game, we took inspiration from many places, like the way some construction vehicles are built, to the launching mechanisms of toys like Nerf guns. Overall, we left the building with papers full of ideas, ready to get back to the club on Tuesday and begin working on our new robots. We will have to have them built, programmed and tested by the time November rolls around for the SA qualifier, bringing with it the chance to go to Sydney! This is always a very exciting time for the club and this year is no different, it’s going to be a great season, and hopefully we can make it to Sydney! 

Screenshot 2023-09-14 08.41.44.png

Using Australian Native Foods across the menu - Year 12 Food & Hospitality

By Roxanne Rowland

Building on the skills and knowledge shared by Chef Mark Best at a Master Class in 2022, Year 12 Food & Hospitality students were challenged with the research topic: ‘To what extent does the Food & Hospitality Industry incorporate Australian Native produce in their establishments?’

Students were asked to represent their research with a menu item suitable for a restaurant setting to be individually plated. The final menu consisted of:
Hors D'oeuvres
Trio of dips (Warrigal Greens, Avocado and Saltbush, Bush Tomato) with Saltbush and Mountainberry Crackers
Bush Tomato Soup with Saltbush Chips and Wattle Seed Damper
Saltbush,  Pepperberry and Goat Cheese Quiche served with Warrigal Greens and Karkalla (pigface)
Main Course
Saltbush and Pepperberry Crocodile served with Karkalla
Mango & Macadamia Tart served with Finger Lime Pearls
White Chocolate Wattle Seed Cake with a Wattle Seed Drizzle
Wattle Seed cake with a Lemon Myrtle Buttercream
After Dinner with Coffee
Wattle Seed Profiteroles with Finger Lime Cream Filling

Warrigal Greens, Lemon Myrtle, Saltbush and Karkalla used in recipes, were grown at the school's Agricultural Farm and used fresh or dehydrated before being incorporated in dishes.

Where possible, students investigated pairing their food with wines and non-alcoholic beverages were served to enhance Food Photography, while increasing their knowledge of menu planning.

Trio of Dips with Saltbush and Mountainberry Crackers.jpg
Bush Tomato Soup with Saltbush Chips and Wattle Seed Damper 2 (1).jpg
Saltbush and Pepperberry Crocodile with Karkalla.jpg
Wattle Seed Cake with Lemon Myrtle Butter Cream.jpg
White Chocolate Wattleseed Cake with Wattleseed Drizzle.jpg
Wattle Seed Profiteroles with Finger Lime Cream Filling.jpg
Mango and Macadamia Tart with Finger Lime Pearls.jpg
Saltbush, Pepperberry and Goat Cheese Quiche served with Warrigal Greens and Karkalla.jpg

2024 Transition Family Meetings

We will be running individual meetings with parents and students in weeks 9 and 10 this term. Meetings are designed as an opportunity for our staff to gain you and your child’s perspective regarding their learning strengths, interests, and areas for development. If you wish to book a meeting, please access the form below to select a suitable date and time. 
We will be in contact a week prior to confirm your chosen time, location and let you know who you will be meeting with.
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Mon 18 Sep Australian Girls Choir Arrives 
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Back by popular demand – SPL Skate Park Competition! 
Put your skills to the test with some of the best in the field

Date – Saturday 28 October
Time – 11am – 4pm
Location – Skate Park, Charles Sturt Drive 

All ages and skill levels welcome
Live music by The Station
Free entry

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