Term 2 Issue 3 2023

Principal's Page

Nankeri nanggi (Good day),

In the lead up to Reconciliation Week our school has reflected on our reconciliation action plan and the commitments we have made to understanding the concept, history and progress of reconciliation in Australia. We were very excited to welcome a group of Elders into our school to talk to our young people and be involved in current learning practices. Under the guidance of Visual Art teachers, Year 9 and 10 students have engaged with our Ngarrindjeri community on the theme ‘be the voice for generations’. After workshopping ideas they have begun the process of bringing their designs to life by creating four massive mural outlines. All staff and students have had the opportunity to be part of creating a small part of this tremendous art piece and demonstrate their commitment to reconciliation. A number of activities are also planned for Naidoc Week coming in Week 10.    

As a child I remember fondly reading the book Little Women, and caring deeply about the four sisters who made up the March family. Last Tuesday I was delighted to relive the story in a play put on by the year 12 Drama class. As always these types of events don't happen without the behind the scenes support and time of volunteers including Kiera Stavast, Blake Ascione, Jack Love, Ros Schulz, Kaylene Donhardt and David Brown. I particularly want to acknowledge teacher Robyn Page who took on the role of Mrs March whilst also directing and coaching the students to be able to give their best.  

Providing meaningful opportunities for students to experience the world of work in order to be able to identify where their passions can align with future goals and careers has always been a challenge. Previously, traditional work experience programs have been able to cater to a small cross section of career pathways. This year,  year 10 students have selected an area of interest and have been arranged into groups of approximately 15 students who share that common interest. Each group will participate in a series of planned career talks, hand-on activities and local tours with people from our community that currently work in those industries, over the week starting June 19. 

This year immersion activities are being organised under the following categories, based on data collected from current year 10 students: 

  • Primary Industries (This includes things like zoology, veterinary science, agriculture, farming, environmental science, park rangers, agronomists etc) 
  • Automotive (This includes things like mechanics, panel beaters etc) 
  • Engineering (This includes things such as metal fabrication, welders, boilermakers, fitters and turners etc) 
  • Building Trades (This includes things like carpentry, plumbing, electrical, plastering, painting, bricklaying, etc) 
  • Education (This includes things like teaching, SSO, childcare, youthwork, etc) 
  • Emergency Services (This includes things like police, fire, ambulance and defence force) 
  • Health and Sports Sciences (This includes things like doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapy, dentists, allied health professionals, etc) 
  • Hospitality and Tourism (This includes things like hospitality, food preparation,, working in local government, tourist attractions, etc) 
  • STEM  and IT (This includes things like coding, computer science, engineering, mathematics) 
  • Creative Arts (This includes things like photography, film making, media arts, music, etc)

None of this is possible without our local employers putting their hands up to share their knowledge and expertise with our students, and I thank them most sincerely. We will be putting the spotlight on these amazing contributors during career immersion week through our social media feeds. 


Year 12 Buffalo Farm Visit

Recently the year 12 Agriculture class had the opportunity to visit the South Australian Buffalo farm. As part of their Agribusiness task students were able to witness and gather data on the effects of recent flooding on farmers within the Murraylands.

Corey Jones, runs the Buffalo dairy at Mypolonga but more recently had to relocate his herd to a nearby dairy at Wall Flat. 

Students were able to walk through parts of Corey's farm and witness the effects of flooding on Corey’s property. Corey talked about his flood management strategies before the flood hit and how he and his family have overcome the many challenges since the floods.

The excursion enabled students to learn a lot about Buffalo, milking buffalo, products made from Buffalo milk and appreciate the ongoing effects and management decisions local farmers have to endure to recover from the floods. 

Kidding at the Farm

Our resident nanny goats  have been busy kidding over the last month. Students have had a wonderful time watching kids being born and cuddling the new kids.

Each Agriculture class had had the opportunity to help with the goats and we look forward to breeding more goats for future Royal Shows 

Pigs at the Farm  

Year 12 Agriculture Production students have been busy raising pigs as part of the major task for the year. 
Most agriculture students have had the opportunity to work with the pigs tracking feed intake, weighing and caring for the pigs. 
Well done to the year 12 and other Aggies for helping raise some yummy pork chops.

A special thank-you to local pig farmers Greg Davis and Len Gommers for supplying and supporting the year 12 students with their major task.

Roper Road Produce

Students have been enjoying picking, eating and cooking their produce from Roper Road and Tumbi Woolen garden. 

They have been making pumpkin soup, lemonade cordial, dehydrated lemon and zucchini chips with bush tucker herbs and enjoying eating fresh strawberries, mandarins, oranges and pomegranates.

20230323_140018 (003).jpg
Ag 3.PNG

Year 11 Teach a lessonĀ 

Year 11 students were given the challenge as part of the Year 11 agriculture course to teach a lesson to the year 7 students about something they have learnt at the farm over the years of studying agriculture. 

Students were required to teach a 40 minute practical lesson at the Roper Road farm to a group of year 7s. Some of the different lessons included weighing and caring for broiler chicks, lamb marking, bush tucker garden plant ID and tasting, weighing goats, moving sheep through the combi clamps and moving livestock. 

Students also picked some herbs from the farm’s bush tucker garden and taught a lesson to the Clontarf team. They cooked farm grown potatoes roasted in bush tucker herbs and gave them fresh herbs to taste. Mountain Pepper was hot!

It's rewarding to see the skills and confidence the senior aggies develop over the years at the farm.

Year 11 Ag 2.jpg

Drama Production - "Little Women"

The 2023 year 12 Production was Little Women. The close knit and astute year 12 Drama students of  the ‘Blue Rabbit Theatre Company’ chose this play. Louisa May Alcott’s famous novel has been cherished for over 150 years as an American classic and has been reimagined in countless play and film adaptations. The author of this particular adaptation, Scott Davidson, described the story as “a carefully pieced mosaic of all the important people and moments that mould and make a life.” Blue  Rabbit embraced  this description as the focus for this production - a story about family and the people we love, growing up and finding our place in the world. As such, it was a universal theme, something everyone could relate to.

As a cast they revelled in discovering and bringing to life the subtly layered characters. The Year 12s  were handsomely supported by the Year 10 Theatre Company class, led by Mr Blake Ascione and Jack Love, who managed all the offstage roles from costuming, hair and makeup to sound and lighting design, publicity and Front of House.  Together, we transported the audience back to a time of genteel manners, telegrams, steam trains and handwritten letters. The audience responded enthusiastically and often emotionally, praising both cast and crew who are listed below. It was a wonderful night.

Robyn Page (Drama Teacher)

Cast: Zoe Bettcher, Kody Box, Jordan Collihole,  Leila Dahlitz, Paige Galpin, Montana Maddocks and Keira Stavast

Crew: Stephanie Brumfield, Cameron Cook, Marvey Cepillo, Claire White, Logan Rothe, Elle Fiegert, Rahana Khan, Shahana Khan, Lieya Sazali, Tayla Catanzariti, Layla-Mae Loxton, Amanda Rudgley, Gabby Seidel, Kiahna Smith, Grace Laylor, Ethan Buzon, Cambell Heitmann, Jayla Leckie, Aleisha Spurling, Maddison Cooper, Harmony Dalton, Zoe Woidt, Sophie Ware, Hannah Francisco and Olivia Schulz.

DSC_3999 (Medium).JPG
DSC_4001 (Medium).JPG
DSC_4005 (Medium).JPG
DSC_4008 (Medium).JPG

Year 9 Science

On Tuesday, 9KN participated in a laboratory practical dissecting a sheep's heart in order to learn about the circulatory system. Students were able to identify all the anatomical structures, and describe the way that blood flows through the heart and is pumped out to the rest of our bodies!


Year 8 Science

As part of our year 8 Science program 8PO has been learning about rocks and minerals. To reinforce our in class learning we did an investigation on mining by mining fruit cake. We had to focus on environmental impacts, mine stability and how much we earn by mining. The students had to figure how much their mine earned with each sultana being worth $0.85, each cherry being worth $1.10 and each piece of fruit rind being worth $0.90. The most successful mine earned $59.95.

8 Science 1.jpg
8 Science 2.jpg

Aquatic Outdoor Education - Fishing Experience

Mr Tabes' Year 11 Aquatic Outdoor Education class had the opportunity to participate in a fishing experience during week 1. The class made their way down to Goolwa Barrage to learn about the it’s importance for regulating water flow. While at Goolwa Beach, the class learned how to catch Cockles/Pipi which was then used as fishing bait.

The class stopped at an Aboriginal Canoe Tree to learn how Indigenous Australians used sustainable practices, being able to create their own boat and managed to leave the tree standing. They stayed Rapid Bay campground went finishing on the Rapid Bay Jetty. 

Outdoor Ed 3.png
Outdoor Ed 2.png
Outdoor Ed 1.png

Year 11 Outdoor Education Deep Creek Bushwalk

During week 3 of term, the year 11 land based outdoor education students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in natural environments. Over the 3 days students walked the Boat Harbour Creek Hike, Blowhole Beach Hike, Deep Creek Waterfall Hike and Goondaloo Ridge Hike. Students developed their campcraft and navigation skills as well as developed their knowledge of environment and sustainable practices. I was very impressed with the students technical development as well as leadership skills where students had opportunities to lead the group and collaborate with their peers.

Year 10 Mount Crawford 2 Day Bushwalk

On the 10th and 11th of May 2023, a group of enthusiastic Outdoor Ed students ventured to Mount Crawford Forest with staff members Kathryn Reedy, Kieran Wandel and Teagan Baldwin. Students were given the opportunity to showcase their navigation knowledge and outdoor living skills they had learnt during the course. On day 1, students walked the Warren Tower Hike located within the Warren Conservation Park from our campsite which was a challenging 14.50km walk. On day 2, students walked the Mount Crawford Summit hike which was a 9.5km walk. During the walk students were allocated different roles such as group leader, front marker, back marker and navigator which really tested their knowledge and skills. It was awesome to see the group working closely together and supporting each other as the terrain experienced was quite hilly and physically demanding. The students were required to camp in a tent, sleep on a roll mat and cook on a camping trangia, a small, lightweight cooking stove. Throughout the trip students also learnt about the local flora and fauna, the difference between a Conservation Park and National Park and some of the impacts caused by logging. Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip. Students represented the school with pride, showed great determination and teamwork for the entirety of the trip. Well done team

Copy of GOPR2900.JPG
Copy of GOPR2897.JPG

Year 12 - 3 Day Camp to Mount Remarkable National Park

On the 22, 23 and 24th of May 2023, the Year 12 Outdoor Ed class ventured to Mount Remarkable National Park for their 3 day bushwalk with staff members Kathryn Reedy, Aaron Pratt and UNISA student teacher Elliott Rose.

Students were given the opportunity to showcase their navigation knowledge and outdoor living skills they had learnt during the semester. A few highlights of the trip included walking through Alligator Gorge, the Narrows, walking the highest summit of the region “Mount Remarkable Summit” which stands at 961m high. The views were absolutely breathtaking. During the trip students conducted micro-tutorials about environmental issues they had researched back at school which was very interesting. 
Over the course of 3 days the group walked 26 km, it was a long, tiring, but rewarding experience for all. We were able to connect with a different environment, learn about different rocks, plants and animals and connect with each other without the distraction of modern technology and social media. It was awesome to see the group working closely together and supporting each other as the terrain experienced was quite hilly and physically demanding.  

Students represented the school with pride, showed great determination and teamwork for the entirety of the trip. Well done team. Really looking forward to our Self-reliant bushwalk to Deep Creek in Term 2, Week 9 on Wednesday to Friday.

Copy of GOPR2957 (Medium).JPG
IMG_1830 (Medium).JPG
Copy of IMG_1745 (Medium).JPG
Copy of IMG_1784 (Medium).JPG

Tram Artwork by MBHS Student Jamain

Congratulations to MBHS year 10 student Jamain whose artwork has been used to create a wrap on one of the Adelaide Metro trams to mark Reconciliation Week.
The special tram will be operating through the city until 30 July. (Jamain’s is the blue artwork closest to the front of the tram).


Year 7 Art

 It has been a thrilling Term 2 for our year 7 students, with many exciting events taking place.
One of the highlights was the Lions International Peace Poster competition, where our students were invited to participate. This year's theme was "Dare to Dream", and the level of competition was intense. We are proud to announce that Madison Lund has been selected as a finalist, and we wish her the best of luck in the next stages of the competition.

Moreover, we are delighted to share that four outstanding artworks created by our year 7 students have been selected for exhibition in the Winter Sounds. This is a first for our year 7 cohort, and we extend our congratulations to Charlotte Pahl, Dakota Denew, Madison Lund, and Pippa Smith for their exceptional work.


MBHS Robotics Club at St Martin's Scrimmage

Last Sunday, our robotics club had the opportunity to participate in the Scrimmage held at St Martin’s in Adelaide. 

All of our three teams worked seamlessly together and displayed an incredible level of teamwork during the matches. The teams also displayed an amazing level of problem solving skills as during their downtime the robots had some repairs that needed to be made.

This scrimmage was also the first judged robotics scrimmage the Lizards team has been to, making it an important milestone and learning opportunity for the group.

Overall, this was an amazing experience for the robotics club and the members cannot wait for the next one!

Robotics 3.png

The Lizards team with their robot, Groot

Robotics 2.png

The Mulyawonks being interviewed

Robotics 1.png

Bunyips and the Mulyawonks working together

Get your gears turning and your circuits buzzing for RoboLeague Scrimmage which will be held at Murray Bridge High School on Sunday June 25, 2023, brought to you by the RoboRoos.
This free event is open to the community so come and support our teams. The best time for spectators is from 11:00am.

Save the Date - Winter Sounds Creative Design Showcase

We invite Families and Friends of all students to attend our annual Winter Sounds: Creative Design Showcase this year! The event will be on the 14th of June.

5:00pm - 5:30pm Gallery with catering 
5:30pm - 6:45pm Music showcase 1 - SOLD OUT
7:00pm - 7:30pm Gallery with catering 
7:30pm - 8:45pm Music showcase 2

If you have missed out, you can still come to the gallery at 5pm and if there are some cancellations then grab a ticket for the music showcase from the door!

If you have booked a ticket and can no longer make it, please cancel through trybooking or contact the school on 8531 9500 or email


Winter Sounds Showcase 2 at 7.30pm still has some seats, book at 


or go to our website.

Year 9 @Work

By Ty Burkett

The Year 9 @Work class is looking for support to establish a sufficient collection of tools & equipment to undertake and continue volunteering for our local community and non-for-profit organisations through a tool and equipment donation drive.

Types of donations include gardening tools, hand tools, and job-specific tools.

If you have anything you would like to donate or more details on how you can support the program please contact Ty Burkett via


 or call 08 8531 9500

Can you Help? Host Families Needed

Can you help? We are looking for host families for the MBHS 2023 Japanese Cultural visit where we will be welcoming students from Funabashi School for 2 weeks from Monday 24th July. If you are interested and would like more information please contact Helen Peake helen.peake92@schools.sa.edu.au or 08 8531 9500  

Read more

Murray Bridge High School to Host Australian Girls Choir

By Helen Peake

During week 9, term 3 Murray Bridge High School have the privilege of welcoming and hosting the Australian Girls Choir. The girls are due to arrive at the end of school on Monday, 18th September and leave again on Friday, 22 September 2023.

At the school we are in the process of looking for host families who are willing and able to host at least two girls during that time. Hosting families do not need to have students at the school, nor do they need to have young people in their home. What they will need however is a WWCC (Working With Children Check) which can be done through the school (at no charge to the family). It is a requirement that any family with adults over the age of 18 staying in the home during that week would also require the WWCC check completed.

If you are at all interested or if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at


and I will happily answer any questions. Should you wish to commence a WWCC check the school would require the following information:

Your full name
Date of birth
An email address

Helen Peake

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