Term 2 Issue 1 2023

Principal's Page

Dear families,

It is with great excitement that I accept my reappointment as Principal of Murray Bridge High. I am also thrilled to announce that Paula Hahesy will continue as my Deputy. We are very proud of what we have achieved over the last five years, and know that with the strong leadership, teaching and support staff team we have around us we are poised and ready to continue driving our vision for positive and active young citizens who are creative, collaborative and resilient learners. 

Parent/Teacher conversations started last week and have been an excellent way to enhance relationships for learning. We do have a number of vacancies still for next Tuesday evening if you have missed the opportunity, either go on line or call to book an appointment.   
From time to time fads come and go and unfortunately vaping is impacting our students more than we would like. I think initially families were a little more lenient because they thought they were relatively harmless. What we do know now is that the main ingredients in e-cigarettes are the same harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, weed killer and bug spray. It’s just not written on the pack. In the message to parents from our Chief Public Health Officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier raises grave concerns of accidental nicotine addiction. It is a very interesting read and the website links are excellent sources of information. We know that some students are choosing to go into toilets to vape, which is not only very unsanitary, but also unfair on students who genuinely need to use the facilities. We will continue to confiscate vapes and inform you if this occurs. Near the end of last term we had some excellent presentations highlighting the risks on health, and some students have already made the decision to stop, or asked for help and support to achieve this. I applaud and throw my wholehearted support behind them. I will send out resources for parents via email early next week. 

It is with sadness that we farewell our Education Director Stan Hagias, after 8 years serving the Murraylands education community. I know myself, along with colleagues in our primary schools, and our greater education community will miss Stan’s unwavering support, advice and inspiration. He has always been such a huge advocate for Murray Bridge High School and we wish him well as he takes up a new position closer to home. We welcome Brenton Hudson who is replacing Stan for the rest of this term. 

Finally, tonight is opening night for Bridge Players and Singers performance of ‘Legally Blonde, the musical’. We are so proud of our Murray Bridge High contingent of Dee Spurling, Brendan Watts, Cassie Brion and Blake Ascione who I know have worked so enthusiastically in preparation for this event, and wish all cast members the best for a great opening!  


Year 7 Agriculture

By Grace Sampson

The new rotation of Year 7 Agriculture classes have been busy harvesting last terms broccoli and lettuce for the Home Economics kitchens to use.

We also harvested our first crop of kalamata olives and will be bringing them into the classroom over the new few weeks. Students had lots of fun discovering the worms found in the garden after the vegetables were harvested. We even found what was deemed 'the worlds longest worm' (see photo). 

We look to replenish our garden beds this term and continue growing spinach and beetroot for more Home Economics sales later in the term. 

AG 1.jpg
AG 7.jpg
AG 2.jpg
AG 5.jpg

Year 12 Child Studies - Nature Play Excursion

By Melanie Bennett

The Year 12 Child Studies class have been looking at the benefits of nature play on child development in junior primary aged children. To find out more about this style of learning, we attended a workshop hosted by Nature Play SA. Here students were able to learn about the theory behind the benefits of nature play, but also were able to experience first hand the benefits of this style of learning.

Students were asked to use their imaginations and take them back to their 6 years old selves. Clay echidnas were created, towers and cubbies were built, with varying degrees of success and the day finished with watercolour paintings of nature.

Next steps for the students will be to take the information and lessons they have learned from this workshop and create their own lesson for students at a local primary school.

Child Studies 1.jpg
Child Studies 2.jpg
Child Studies 3.jpg
Child Studies 7.jpg
Child Studies 4.jpg

Zoo Excursion for ELO Students

On Tuesday 9 May, the ELO Students were very fortunate to attend the Variety SA event at the Adelaide Zoo. What a great day it was! Thank you Variety!

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ELO 3.jpg

Playing with Robots Today Prepares Students for the Future

By Fiona Rabone

By 2030, many current year 7 students will complete their tertiary education - and as employees, they will be using more maths and science skills on a weekly basis than their parents do today - and need to possess the ability to learn new topics and upskill on the go (Brockwell 2018; Graff 2020) to remain competitive over their working lives.  It is highly likely that students will be working with or alongside robots.  

At MBHS students can start their exploration into this rapidly growing field in a number of ways including: 
(1) Robotics choice subject in Year 9,
(2) Digital Technologies (all years), and/or 
(3) Afterschool student robotics club (extra curricular).  
Here are some pictorial representations from the Y9 Robotics Choice Subject and the Robotics Club


Year 9 students levelling up their tele-op skills

Robotics 1.png

Robotics Club - Fun - working together, solving tricky problems, building new skills and making friends!

Calling all families with budding engineers and tech enthusiasts!

By Fiona Rabone

Get your gears turning and your circuits buzzing for RoboLeague Scrimmage brought to you by the RoboRoos at Murray Bridge High School on Sunday June 25, 2023!
This is your chance to dive headfirst into the exciting world of robotics, with plenty of hands-on activities and to watch a friendly scrimmage. From rookies to robotics pros, there's something for everyone to enjoy!
We can't wait to see you there, so bring your energy and your enthusiasm, and get ready to rock with us!

If you would like to find out more please contact Fiona Rabone on


Screenshot 2023-05-07 11.59.25.png

Year 9 @Work - Murray Bridge Community Children's Centre

By Ty Burkett

The last two year 9 @work sessions for term 1 were spent at Murray Bridge Community Children's Centre helping with the development of a bush tucker garden which includes a yarning circle for storytelling for the children.

There are still a few finishing touches which will be completed early this term.


Save the Date - Winter Sounds Creative Design Showcase

By Matt Thoday

We invite Families and Friends of all students to attend our annual Winter Sounds: Creative Design Showcase this year! The event will be on the 14th of June.

The showcase will include two Music Performances by students as well as an Arts Exhibition of student work in the Arts. The event is free but does require tickets. Free tickets can be found at


5:00pm - 5:30pm Gallery with catering 
5:30pm - 6:45pm Music showcase 1 
7:00pm - 7:30pm Gallery with catering 
7:30pm - 8:45pm Music showcase 2

Can you Help? Host Families Needed

Can you help? We are looking for host families for the MBHS 2023 Japanese Cultural visit where we will be welcoming students from Funabashi School for 2 weeks from Monday 24th July. If you are interested and would like more information please contact Helen Peake helen.peake92@schools.sa.edu.au or 08 8531 9500  

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Murray Bridge High School to Host Australian Girls Choir

By Helen Peake

During week 9, term 3 Murray Bridge High School have the privilege of welcoming and hosting the Australian Girls Choir. The girls are due to arrive at the end of school on Monday, 18th September and leave again on Friday, 22 September 2023.

At the school we are in the process of looking for host families who are willing and able to host at least two girls during that time. Hosting families do not need to have students at the school, nor do they need to have young people in their home. What they will need however is a WWCC (Working With Children Check) which can be done through the school (at no charge to the family). It is a requirement that any family with adults over the age of 18 staying in the home during that week would also require the WWCC check completed.

If you are at all interested or if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at


and I will happily answer any questions. Should you wish to commence a WWCC check the school would require the following information:

Your full name
Date of birth
An email address

Helen Peake

Mon 15 May - Wed 17 May  Year 11 Outdoor Ed - Deep Creek Camp
Mon 15 May Introduction to High School Night  Yr 6 Families 5:30pm
Tues 16 May Parent/Caregiver Teacher Meetings 3:45pm-5:45pm
Wed 17 May - Fri 19 May Aboriginal Power Cup
Thurs 18 May Student Free Day
Fri 19 May Student Free Day
Sat 20 May Pedal Prix - Tailem Bend
Mon 22 May - Wed 24 May Year 12 Outdoor Ed Mambray Creek Camp
Mon 22 May Year 7 Peer Support Day at Monarto Zoo - No:ri
Tues 23 May Governing Council 6:00pm
Wed 24 May Year 7 Peer Support Day at Monarto Zoo - Pondi
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Thurs 25 May Year 7 Peer Support Day at Monarto Zoo - Kungari
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