Term 1 Issue 5 2023

Principal's Page

Dear families,

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter break and managed to find some time to rest and relax. While there are only four days left of this term, we have started term two curriculum and will keep the momentum going until this Friday’s 2.00pm finish. In our recent evaluation of attendance, we have noticed a gradual increase in the number of habitual non-attenders (equivalent to a day a fortnight). This has a significant impact on the continuity of learning and students being able to demonstrate their learning to their teachers. The key message here is that students should be at school every day, unless they are unwell. Please schedule appointments and family activities outside of school hours. 

Over this term a group of students under the guidance of Ty Burkett have been involved in a newly revamped subject called @work- community volunteering. I have been so impressed with the commitment of the young people in this program in landscaping and redevelopment of outdoor areas for community groups and organisations. It is also fabulous when local businesses come on board to support this concept of volunteering for community benefit, and I would like to acknowledge and thank Bridge Building Supplies who have contributed gardening products for our kids to use. I am very keen to continue to develop authentic links that build capacity for all to realise the benefit of giving back to the community. 

This Thursday select students will be competing in the Secondary Schools Athletics Championships at Mile End. These students demonstrated skill and perseverance on Sports day, and a commitment to continue training. We wish them all the best and know they will make us proud.

Last week I was visited by Lucas from the Inclusive Education Centre who had the challenge of building an intricate Lego sailing ship. The body of the ship was extendable and the body had hidden fixtures and fittings. I am told he followed the instructions with such care and precision. Thank you Lucas for sharing with us!


Students attend Blue Light Camp at Monarto

On 21st & 22nd March, 19 students from our year 8 and 9 cohort attended a 2 day Blue Light Camp at Monarto Zoo. There was plenty of team building activities, walking and animal observations, along with some opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth. The night time solo drop off was a highlight for many. Thanks to our local Police and Police volunteers for organising this for ...

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Year 9 SAASTA Connect Morning Tea

By Lyndsee Frost

On Thursday the 6th of April, the year 9 SAASTA Connect class came together to host a morning tea for the completion of their Bush Tucker unit.

The SAASTA Connect class invited our ASETO's, Clontarf and SAASTA teachers to join them for morning tea that included didgeridoo and clapping sticks upon entry, a Welcome to Country and a summary of the unit, plus of course the morning tea.

Well done to Jordan, Leo and Elijah for their music upon entering, Kevina and Shakaya for their Welcome to Country and Ellie and Alearah for presenting the summary. 

"This term in SAASTA Connect we have learnt about traditional and native foods including those ones from Ngarrindjeri Country. We have planted traditional plants down in the Indigenous Garden at the Roper Road Farm. We made lemon myrtle biscuits, damper, kangaroo koftas on a stick, coorong mullet and cockle linguine.
For our major assessment, we chose a native ingredient that we researched and planned a recipe using the ingredient which we served at morning tea.
We have put a lot of effort into this task and preparing for the morning tea." - Destiny

All feedback was positive in regards to the food created. Students did a fantastic job of sticking to timelines, presenting with confidence and no one went hungry! 

Great job SAASTA Connect!


SAASTA 2.jpg
SAASTA 3.jpg
SAASTA 5.jpg
SAASTA 4.jpg

SAASTA Class speaks to Power Players

Our year 10/11/12 SAASTA classes had a visit from Port Adelaide FC Power Aboriginal Programs as part of their SAASTA curriculum. They were lucky enough to speak with Port Adelaide players Lachie Jones, Junior Rioli and Sam Powell-Pepper about their stories, their Elders and to ask them some questions. They then got to finish with a kick of the footy! 

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Naracoorte Robotics Scrimmage - Challenge Accepted

By Sorayya Jammoul - 7WR

On the weekend of March 25 - 26th, the Murray Bridge Student Robotics Club had an amazing trip to Naracoorte that was filled with lots of fun and games as well as fierce but friendly competition. Our team is so happy, and a few of us made some new friends which is awesome and met some fantastic locals! This was one of the best trips some of our students have had in a while.

Below is a summary of the weekend's events -

On a beautiful Saturday morning, the robotics students caught the public Stateliner bus to Naracoorte with Mr. Bermingham, while Ms. Rabone drove the small bus with some important items - including our three competition robots (all buckled up) as well as tents for camping. We set up our tents at Black Cockatoo Bush Camp, and although it took some of us a while, we all got our tents up - thanks for the pre-trip lesson Mr Tabe!

After settling in, the team got down to work.  Liz, who is the camp manager, helped with organising toppings while the students made stunning pizzas that were cooked in a woodfired pizza oven by a very kind man named Steven. It was a delightful evening, with everyone sharing their experiences and enjoying the delicious pizzas.  In the morning, Mrs. Stavast cooked pancakes for breakfast before the team set off to Naracoorte High School for the robotics scrimmage. 

MBHS had three teams competing - the Bunyips 15215, the Mulayonks 22407, and a new team MB Lizards. Throughout the qualifying matches students displayed an incredible level of teamwork and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges (this included a dash to the hardware store to buy adhesive to fix wheel hubs for one team!).  We felt very proud that Liz was able to come to the event to see what it was all about.

Scrimmages are not just about winning but also about learning, growing, and having FUN. The students were enthusiastic and supportive of each other, and they all worked hard to achieve their best results.  We received many good comments from our team members, for example, Keira S said  “It was an amazing weekend filled with lots of team building , robots ( of course ) and above all fun “.

Overall, the Naracoorte robotics scrimmage was a great success, and the MBHS teams had an amazing time. They showed true sportsmanship and represented the school with pride. We would like to congratulate all the teams on their achievements and thank the teachers and parents who supported them throughout this journey. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the robotics team at MBHS.

Our club involves a lot of fun adventures and we always love to welcome new students to come for a ride on our journey with us. We love teaching new students new skills for later in their life. If you would like to stop by and say ‘hi’ to check out what this is all about, we meet after school in HG.0 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15pm - 5:00pm.

2. Mulyawonks (22407)_20230326.jpg


3. Lizzards (new)_20230326.jpg


1. Bunyips 15215_20230326.jpg


5. Tents up_20230325.jpg

Tents up!

8. Bush Kitchen_20230325.jpg
11. Yummy_20230325.jpg

Snorkelling at Port Noarlunga

By Blake Tabe

On Tuesday the 28th and Wednesday the 29th of March, Mr Tabe’s SACE Stage 1 Aquatic Outdoor Education class undertook a two day snorkelling experience at Port Noarlunga with the assistance from staff SSO Kiora Hemmings.

Students gained a first hand experience of underwater marine environments through exploring the Port Noarlunga reef, while also investigating the environmental issues on South Australian coastlines and what is being done to mitigate these issues. The students thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in the underwater world, identifying a wide range of marine life. I was super impressed with the students' behaviour and enthusiasm over the two day experience.

Snorkelling 3.png
Snorkelling 2.png
Snorkelling 1.png

SACE Art Show Excursion

By Catherine Alcock

On 30th March the Visual Art and Design students from years 11 & 12 were escorted by staff to view the SACE Art Show, this showcased selected students’ paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewellery, costumes, and multimedia works. Students also visited the Jam Factory and the Art Gallery of South Australia. It was an enjoyable, educational and inspiring day!

The bus from MBHS arrived at the SACE Art Show at 10am. Students were intrigued by the topics explored, the detailed folios showing development from initial ideas through to resolved practical artworks, the variety of art mediums used, and were inspired by the quality of work on display.   

Next stop was the Jam Factory, where students viewed current exhibitions and had a guided tour through the furniture design, jewellery and ceramic studio spaces. They learned from associates about their practice and opportunities to work on bespoke commissions for individuals and commercial clients. Glass blowing artists were watched in action from the viewing platform.

From there students walked to the Art Gallery of South Australia, stopping for lunch on the way. Here at AGSA they were self-guided, learning about other artists and their work. Whether making their own connections and meaning from what they saw, thinking about the artist's intent, wondering about history, culture or looking more at the techniques and working of materials, all came away inspired, and feeling more prepared to embark on their own future folios and art/design practicals. 

We all arrived safely back at school, before the final bell. A great day was had by all!

Catherine Alcock - Visual Art & Design and Creative Arts teacher


Senior Ag Students attend Karoonda Farm Fair

Some of our senior Agriculture students attended the Karoonda Farm Fair on Friday 31st March to compete in an interschools challenge and learn more about the wool handling industry with hands on experience. We are proud of these students of what they accomplished today, even if we didn't place in the competition - well done!

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Thurs 13 Apr  Secondary Schools Athletics Championships at Mile End
Fri 14 Apr Last day of term. 2pm dismissal
Mon 1 May Term 2 commences
Thurs 18 May Student Free Day
Fri 19 May Student Free Day